Day one  

StaminaRequired 32M
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7/13/2006 2:24 pm
Day one

Today I found out a blogging on this site. TaDa.

Since this is my first blog the topic at hand today should begin with the letter "a"

aardvarks... nah too easy
acid... too caustic
adultery... probably a little too perfect for this site, but what the hey.

I wonder how many people are cheating on spouses on this website? Probably too many, but such is life I suppose, I am not one to judge.

I guess I am lucky as my "significant other" is cool with each of us seeing other people, mostly for my benefit (and hers, so she can get some sleep) because I seem to be unable to just have sex once in a session.

But the age old question remains, is it ok to 'cheat' as long as no one gets hurt? Is it possible to not hurt people? This is the endevour of this site (as I see it) to focus on guilt free, hurt free, STD free, hedonism.

Hedonism... great word, good times.

ok well I feel like I am rambling, hopefully 'b' will bring with is some more interesting conversation.


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