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8/31/2005 10:58 am

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Another story

I run into a hot chick wandering through the hotel. We strike up a conversation and hit it off immediately. She has a very toned body with a nice ass and good sized tits. Her shirt and skirt are both very short and tight showing off her body very well. I invite her up to my office to kick back & relax for a little while away from everything else. We get up to my office and she closes my door. She turns to me and tells me how attractive I am and how she would just loe to give me a deep wet kiss. Not thinking that she would go through with it I tell her to go ahead and she wraps her arms around me and presses her lips against mine. Soon her tongue is probing my mouth and we are locked in a deep wet kiss. This drives me wild and soon my hands start to wander as are hers. We grab each others asses and start fondling each others tits. Before I can even think about it she bends down, pulls up my shirt, and starts sucking on one of my nipples driving me absolutely mad. I reach down between her legs to find her wet pussy which I promptly start playing with. She starts begging me to put my fingers inside of her so I start finger fucking her as she continues to suck on my tits. This starts driving her mad and soon she has her fingers buried in my pussy as well. We are both going nuts when suddenly she stops, goes to her bag, and pulls out a long double ended dildo. She asks me to fuck her with it so I start shoving it inside of her as she starts to moan. She begs for me to join her so I allow her to shove the other end into my pussy and soon we are fucking each other with the dildo between us. We are sitting up and continue to kiss each other and fondle and suck each others tits as we fuck. We are both so hot & bothered that soon we both reach a simultaneous orgasm kissing each other deeply to try to stifle our moans. As soon as our orgasms subside she says that she needs to be going but would like to clean off the dildo before she goes. She offers me the end that she had had buried in her pussy as she sucks the end that was in mine clean. I suck her juices off of the other end (they taste delicious) and she puts it away. We straighten each others clothes out and I see her to the door where we embrace in another deep kiss. She asks if she can cum up to my office again sometime and I tell her "Anytime"

mailmantrouser2 54M
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8/31/2005 1:40 pm

I think you have a pretty fertile mind when it comes to sex fantasies, but I don't think it really happened. Never mind, the story was hot. (Incidentally, would you do something like this yourself?). I have put together a variety of erotic fantasies myself, all hererosexual. (I could not write a lesbian story very convincingly, of course, and I do not fancy gay stories). They are much longer than the one above, but I'll send you a sample if you wish.

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