I smell like "White Diamond"  

SrchnKCMO 49M
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10/19/2005 9:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I smell like "White Diamond"

I didn't meet this one thru AF.

I thought "White Diamond" was a fragrance for a more "mature" woman, not a 25 yr old.

It wasn't so bad while we were having sex (I love the condoms she brought- I had Gene Simmons condoms on my penis!), but afterwards the fragrance seemed to be everywhere.

I was too worn out to change my bedding for the night, and she decided to sleep over which was fine, but I dreamt of Elizabeth Taylor. Is there a correlation between "White Diamond" and Liz?

Get this, she had her first name tattooed over the small of her back. I guess it could be helpful for those people who forget her name while f**king her from behind. And, since she's not an AF member I can say her first name is Cassie. Whoopie, big deal.

Now, the 2 women I've met thru AF both asked that I not use their handles or real names in my blog, but Cassie was perfectly happy to let me mention hers (she said she'd check my blog out( Hi, Cassie!), and, yes, I did discuss the "White Diamond" complaint with her before writing this).

I suppose smelling like "White Diamond" isn't so bad. She's cute.

I hope that's her ringing my phone. Bye!!!

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