The Little Blue Dress....  

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7/16/2005 3:15 pm

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The Little Blue Dress....

Standing in line, you in your little blue dress with no panties beneath. Will you smile as a squeeze play comes to you from behind?

But there's another blue dress that comes to mind today. Remember the semen-stained blue dress? Yes, that one. Before that little blue dress came along we had a president under fire for his sex drive, which was denied vehemently by the president, his staff and supporters 50 million strong. But the little blue dress changed everything. Denial then became trivializing. It was nothing. No big deal. Just some adult fun between consenting adults. And the perjury part? It was only used to try to influence the outcome in a civil trial.

But the 50 million on the other side of the line drawn in the sand said, "No, this is serious stuff! This IS a big deal!" So impeachment it was. Serious stuff. Over not-that-serious a matter.

Now, I only give you that histroy because of a slightly more serious matter of this day. That is the matter of Karl Rove, right-hand man to Goerge W. Bush.

A while back Rove was accused of being the leak that exposed a covert CIA operative for the sake of political payback on the operative's husband. Not only dirty pool, but a possible and unknown risk to our national security. I know it's not quite up on the scale of a blow job in the White House, but certainly worthy of our notice.

So Rove denied, as did Bush and his staff and supporters 50 million strong. Then came the blue dress, if you will. Ah ha! Rove DID do it. All those vehement denials and it turns out he DID do it!

So now it's no big deal. Nothing improper was done. Break up the crowd, folks. Nothing to see here. Go about your business. Have sex with each other.

So anyway, yea, there are a few women who run around here I'd like to be behind on line in wearing a cute little blue dress with no panties beneath. Squeeze plays are so exciting!

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