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1/2/2006 1:09 am

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Hawaii Five 0

I took a girlfriend to Hawaii for a vacation we were booked into a block of flats one row back from the shore line our studio faced directley towards the sea however the view was blocked by multi rise ofice complex which looked like an open planed insurance office. I noticed although both our windows were tinted in the evening, when the cleaners were working and the sun was setting I could easily see the workers moving around. The buidings were probably only 40 yards apart. Obviously if I could see in there they could see in our studio when the sun was shining directly on our windows. This was a limited time frame of about 8am to 9.am. So I was determined to give the office workers a show to start off the day.
With my partner totally unaware we fucked on top of the bed with me positoned so that I could glance across to see if we had company, sure enough one guy started watching and soon he had waved others to watch girls and guys about 20 of them all staring straight into our unit with a great view, they were about two floors higher than us. The exhibitionist in me kicked into play and they got an eyefull for the next three days. My girlfriend to this day does'nt know she had helped entertain a office full of workers. Anyone else get off on similar true stories?

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2/16/2006 5:07 am

no never lol
Thanks for your comment

I'm a

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9/18/2006 1:39 am

hi there
first thank you for your comment in our blog , second loved your story and we can relate to the excitement of being watched, that is why we cam. we will tell more about our exibitionism in our blog. have a nice day.

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