Let the dom/submissive fun begin!!!!!  

SpontaneousDom97 39M
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7/31/2006 12:38 pm
Let the dom/submissive fun begin!!!!!

Hi everyone. This is my first entry to this "blog" thing. I am a new member to this site....always skeptical of these free dating sites but screw it, was bored at work and sick of gay guys messaging me. I enjoy being dominant, albeit not on the stereotypical level you're probably thinking of. Check out my profile for the explanation to that if you'd like. Anyways, I'm just looking for like-minded women or women who are interested in being submissive. Doesn't matter to me if you want to do it passively or want to do it all the time....I'm interested. Does not matter if you're married, attached, single, etc. So long as you're open and honest about your situation, then that's something solid we can both work off of. I have many interests when it comes to dom/sub.....lets chat sometime and see if we can share any likes together. Or hell, just chat to have a chat. lol. I'm so sick of people not being able to carry on conversations online.....

Anyways, if you're a woman, located somewhat close to the TwinCities for real meetings or located anywhere else for online talks and friendship, into being spontaneous/curious/or submissive, and are looking to get away from the daily grind by having some fun or living out some fantasies, shoot me an email or message sometime and lets chat!

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