Evening of the Wolf  

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Evening of the Wolf

A flash of lightening and another clap of thunder caused me to hesitate. They were closer together this time. The storm was getting near. I knew I should turn the computer off, but the conversation I was in the midst of was far too tempting for me to heed the warning. I was talking to the man of my dreams, the Alpha I had longed for all of my life. I was under his spell.

We had chatted before, but never had we engaged in such an in depth discussion of our needs and desires. I was hypnotized by his words and enamored with his description of the woman he was seeking. She sounded like me. It was as though he were describing me as he explained what he sought. My heart ached to know him.

A brilliant flash of lightening lit up the night sky. Thunder cracked the silence and suddenly all was quiet. The computer sighed and shut down. The room went dark. I sat staring into nothing, hoping against all reason that the screen would somehow return and our conversation would resume. Nothing. Silence.

Then suddenly the room was lit by another streak of lightening. I glanced toward the French doors and thought I caught a glimpse of someone. My heart leapt to my throat and my breath caught in my lungs. The light was gone and I was returned to darkness. I laughed at myself. “Silly girl. There’s no one there. Not in this storm.” I stood up and tried to get my bearings in the complete blackness. I wished I had lit some candles when the storm had been in the distance. A shudder ran through me as I caught a familiar scent in the air. It was him. He was here!

“Is that you? Are you here?” I whispered. More thunder clapped and rumbled and drowned what I thought was a reply, “Yes.” My mind was playing tricks on me. It couldn’t be. I was imagining things. My hands trembled as I tried to find my way toward the kitchen. There was a flashlight there. A soft step moved toward me and again my nostrils were filled with the heady scent of him, but this time it was mixed with the smell of rain. That blend of man and nature that is undeniably sensual and exciting. My heart began to race, but my body remained still. I waited.

His breath was warm on my face. I breathed him in. He was within inches of me and yet I could not see him at all. I reached out with my trembling hand and found his chest. It moved upward to his face and gently lingered there. My body gushed with welcoming moisture and hopeful anticipation. A growl broke the silence as his mouth found mine and devoured my lips. His kiss was hard and hungry and filled with anger and need. I moaned and responded with my own desire. My tongue darted into his mouth and tasted him. He grabbed a handful of hair and jerked my head back, away from him. I cried, “No,” but, he held fast. I reached for him, but he pulled me against him, trapping my hands between our bodies. I could hear his breathing, jagged and heavy, and I knew he wanted me. He pulled my face toward his and punished me with another kiss. “Mine,” he said.

I suddenly stiffened within his grasp. “No,” My voice was weak and unconvincing. I tried to escape his hold. “No.” I twisted and pulled, but to no avail. His hold was firm. He growled into my ear, “You’re mine. Now and always.” With his hand still in my hair, he pulled my head back and exposed my neck. I whimpered as I realized his intention and cried out as his bite found my throat and left its mark. “You belong to me. No one else. Ever.” I could only whisper my response, “yes.” He awakened my primal need and the female Alpha within me readied herself for his lust. A trickle of warm dew ran down my inner thigh and I squirmed.

His nose detected the soft essence of my desire and he growled again. His hands let go of me and he ripped at my blouse until it was out of his way. His mouth and teeth found my erect nipples and he ravished them one by one. I moaned and hoped he would never stop. I cried out as he nipped at them, but did not pull away. I ached with need. He grabbed my arm and moved through the dark room until he found the dining table he was looking for. He bent me over it and quickly lifted my skirt up to my waist and back. I was completely available to him. I had no panties on. I heard the jingle of his belt buckle, and his zipper being opened. My hips shuddered and my pussy once again released its juices. His hard and swollen cock found the object of his desire and his primal nature took what was his. I gasped as he unceremoniously pushed deep inside of me.

With his hands on my hips, he plunged his cock in and out of me. The quiet was broken by the sounds of our bodies and needs becoming one. His thighs rhythmically slapped against my ass and my pussy gurgled and slurped with desire. I craved his cum, but did not want this to end. My clit was pressed against the mahogany table and threatened to explode at any moment. He pushed and pulled, taking me closer and closer to that edge. A guttural moan escaped my lips as I lost control. My body exploded in ecstasy as I cried out, “Oh my GOD……..” His cock hardened and swelled even more and tore at my pussy. I moaned and whimpered. I felt complete. I was whole. His hips thrust one more time and his cum spewed against my vaginal walls, bathing me in lust and satisfaction. He fell over me and I was lost in the weight, smell, and joy of him.

Lightening flashed and lit up the room. It was dark again before I could turn to see him. Thunder resounded as he stood upright, pulled his still hard cock out of my pussy, and refastened his pants. I started to stand up, but his hand gently pushed me back down. I stayed. I thought I heard him leave through the French doors. I remained still for some time trying to gather my senses. The lightening continued, but the thunder followed at more of a distance now. I finally stood up and as I straightened my clothing, the lights came back on. I quickly glanced around the room, but I was alone. There was no one there. Still flushed, I walked to the French doors and tried them. They were locked. I turned on the outside light. There was no one there. I was alone.

The computer whirred as it began to reboot itself. I sat down and waited for the screen to reappear. A heady scent lingered in the air and I deeply breathed it in. A juicy blend dribbled from my pussy and pooled on my skirt. I sighed.

rm_1wildlou 59M

5/7/2006 6:42 pm

A most excellent fantasy! Whether truth or fiction, it was enough to get the juices flowing. Excelent job!

SpiritdPygmalion replies on 5/7/2006 7:01 pm:
Good. Then it achieved what I desired. I want the mind to wander, to return every now and again and wonder, 'did it happen? Was he there?' If the body responds too, all the better. Enjoy.

9by8inHouston 57M

5/9/2006 11:39 am

Not bad. But it would have been enhanced if you would have 'shown more' as opposed to telling me so much. I wanted my own imagination to fill in some of the gaps. And besides being an 'alpha male', what other complexities does this guy have? That's not enough to push the envelope. He has to possess some other unique characteristic or idiosyncrasy for me to be interested in him. Go easy on the descriptive adjectives; less is always more because when you do use them, it automatically heightens the action. Finally, I would have liked to have been engaged with more dialogue, since I'm sure the 'voice' of this ideal alpha male, holds a great deal of the appeal and allure on your part of this whole fantasy thing.

read some of Nin's stuff or any of the arab writers, male or female
they've got a way with the erotic in part because the religion is so repressive. Good start.

SpiritdPygmalion replies on 5/9/2006 5:42 pm:
Thanks for the unsolicited and free critique.

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