No Honor Among Thieves!  

SpicyBlackPepper 60M
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4/9/2006 3:16 pm
No Honor Among Thieves!

I'm not exactly sure how we ended up on the topic. I think we were discussing the importance of size in the bedroom.

Now keeping in mind that at one time I was "active" and have had lots of experience with men, I also wanted to point out that size doesn't really if there are strong feelings between the two parties involved. So I said that I thought any shortcoming, not necessarily size, could be overcome or overlooked if there is more going on there than just a physical or sexual act.

That's when I heard the words, "Or you get somebody else!"

Turns out two of the girls are cheating on their men and one of the guys is cheating on his other half.

Nicole has a great husband. Spoils her rotten. Makes good money. And for the most part, a damn good man. He's not the greatest looking guy in the world in my opinion but he's intelligent, generous and decent. And she married him. All of a sudden, he can't get have the attention she wants and she dallies with another man.

Michelle is a bit different. She has a man who stays at home with the kids while she works and he has a part time job on the side. He takes care of the house, the yard, her and still contributes financially. And he is gorgeous, with a great heart. I would take him off her hands if I could. But he is devoted to her. Excuse my French, but yet she's fucking around with some guy on the job.

Tim always has been a bit of a slime-ball. Only works if he has to. Lazy. And a bit of a user. He found a sucker in Tom, a nice guy who has his own insulation company. Tim could help Tom there but doesn't. Then Tom comes home, cooks, cleans and take care of Tim's needs. Even gives him cash each week. And what does he get in return? Different men in his house everyday while he's at work, eliminating Tim's former need to masturbate.

If you are a slut, damnit, be a slut! HO! Tramp! Whatever, just do it. Don't invite people into your life in a role you really don't want them in. Don't play with other people's feelings and emotions in a quest to get what you want. Keep your shit clean! At least tell everyone the real deal before they get started. Then they can only blame themselves if they get hurt.

And what happened to commitment? What about those vows you people take? Why don't people remember that the problems in a relationship are created by the parties in that relationship and can really only be fixed by those parties? Getting outside help may be necessary, but adding another party is not. Complicating the situation with extras usually only makes matters worse. If you are that unhappy, if you two can't make an honest go of it, if you two can't fix the
problem, or simply don't want to, get the fuck out! And before you start focusing your attention elsewhere.

And if that wasn't upsetting enough, none of these dumb asses upgraded. Nicole stayed about the same, but doesn't have the time in or the devotion that her husband has. Michelle picked far worse than what she has at home. And Tim's never stick around long enough to find out.

As an entrepreneur, it makes sense to me to do a risk analysis before making any major decisions. If things go wrong, will I be better off or not and can I handle the loss? In these cases, no one will be better off if their other halves find out what's going on behind their backs. Hell, all of them are in for difficult times if they ever get caught. Yet they still think it is worth it? Somebody's computer or calculator is seriously malfunctioning. My point is ...if you are going to cheat, much sure it is with someone equal to, in total, what you already have. Anything else would just be more stupid than cheating itself.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I have the wisdom and am the moral compass for the group. Damn shame, huh? The gay guy does all that, and still gets paid and laid, without cheating!

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