Good Sex...Quality vs. Quantity  

SpicyBlackPepper 60M
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6/5/2006 12:35 am
Good Sex...Quality vs. Quantity

Our discussion this week was about the amount of sex and the quality of sex we were having. Or in some cases, would be able to have. Certain things became abundantly clear.

Married people really don't have very much sex within their marriage, and it gets worse as the couple racks up years. I couldn't help but think that this might be contributing to the number of affairs and divorces there are. But in this day and age, you would think these people would appreciate what they could have between themselves. In a good marriage, there would be monogamy, which would make for safer sex. There would be feelings, which I personally think makes even the lousiest sex more enjoyable. If you don't want to use condoms, this would be the ideal situation to be in. And compromising on the frequency of sex to accommodate both parties would make it safe, meaningful sex for both people.

And age is not really a factor. I guess if you are a senior citizen, there might be a lack of energy or desire for sex. But being one of the oldest members of the group, I learned that I want it more than anyone in the group. And that for some reason, twenty-somethings seem to gravity towards me for that reason, amongst other things. Nicole would be the actual busiest one of us between her two men. And Eric, the baby of the group, isn't getting nearly enough at 24.

And all the girls and I have this strange thing working for us. We get greedy when we get it and even worse when it is good. I call it that natural high syndrome, where we live from afterglow to afterglow, until the cycle is broken. Sure, great sex makes for a much longer period of afterglow, but we want to keep it at that level. We don't want to come down. So we try to feed it, with quantity because there are too many variables affecting the quality of sex.

So what we learned is that quality sex is definitely better than the quantity of sex, though most are willing to settle for a lot of it to maintain that natural high. We also discovered that along with the partner's abilities in the bedroom, feelings, emotions and a connection between the parties also enhance the quality of sex. And that age plays a fairly minute role in the sexual arena.

It was a really good conversation and I think we all took a lot home with us. I know I will be using what I learned to get more regular great sex with as few playmates as possible until husband #4 shows up. I can only hope it helped my cheating friends make better decisions about what they are doing. And if this helps some of you alter your sexual lifestyles to more gratifying and safer practices, that's even better. Until next time, have fun!

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