Where is my favorite reader?  

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3/23/2006 6:42 am

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Where is my favorite reader?

I have lost your email somehow on AdultFriendFinder...email me please if you read this. You know who you are. You have given me some great advice...for a man...lol.lol.lol. No, really I have enjoyed it.

It's been so long since I wrote on here. I haven't had time nor much to write about. Although my fantasies have been more intense and I would love to share one with you.

He (hubby) has to leave for something, who knows, not really important and I'm all alone with my thoughts and desires. I decided to take a hot bath and relax and reflect. The house is quiet, the music is soft and the candles are just the right ambience. As I slip into the tub my body begins to melt. All the stress of the day are starting to slip away as I close my eyes. All I can hear is sounds of peace and quiet. I find myself drifting off a bit and just go with it.

A hand reaches behind me caressing my shoulders and then moves forward massaging my chest and my breasts with the softest touch. I must be dreaming I thought and how nice it feels too. I let out a long sigh and melt further into the bath water. "I love your body glistening in the candle light and the softness of your skin", I hear softly in being whispered in my ear. I started to sit up when that same voice said, "no, don't move....I want you to stay right the way you are". Ok, I thought to myself, especially since I was very comfortable anyway. Hands begin to move about my body more and in a rhythmic fashion as if I were a piece of art one was admiring. I reached down to what was already wet and I don't mean by the bath water either. The whispering in my ear said "no, let me". I gasped as I felt one hand reach between my silky thighs and carress every inch of my outer lips. In just an instance the same hand was making its way deep inside me. All four fingers were so deep inside me, I thought I would cum immediately. I knew I was going this bath even more now.

I felt a kiss on my ear, my earlobe being nibbled on and whispered moans. I was so wet and wanted to cum. I begged for more. I had to have more. "Shhh...not yet". She removed her fingers and put them in my mouth to taste. I was on fire! Move up a little she said, so I did. She slipped in the tub behind me and told me to lay back. Ummm...the feel of her body behind me so excited me, I wanted to turn around to kiss her, but she said not yet. She pulled on my hair so my neck was arched backwards toward her as she moved her hand down to my hard nipples and massaged them like a pro. I pressed my body so hard against hers I thought I may hurt her but she was enjoying that alot. Every time she moaned it made me wetter.

Finally I was able to turn around and kiss her beautiful full lips. My tongue exploring every inch of her mouth. I slid down to suck on her nipples and caress her large full breasts. She raised her hips out of the water for me as I slid further down to that engorged wet pussy of hers. I licked her outer lips, sucking them gently as well. As I parted them I teasingly sucked on her clit making her moan loudly now. I put 2 fingers inside her licking and sucking her clit watching her squirm, as I brought her to and intense orgasm. OMG....I was so wet and wanting her. I couldn't get enough. I continued to finger fuck her until she came again and again. What a sight!! To hear her moan and pant like a tired animal that's been running for along time was incredible.

Without warning she pushed me back in the tub and managed to turn me around so my ass was facing her. I felt a hard and loud smack on my ass. Damn that hurt...but felt good at the same time. Wow, I think I'd like that again. She did do it again. I let out a yelp and she said, "you know you like it". I couldn't lie...I did like it...alot. She reached down between my legs and spread them as far as the tub would allow. My heart was racing fast with anticipation. I couldn't see what she was doing or going to do and that excited me. Next I felt something cold run down the crack of my ass. She had poured quite a bit of silky lube and rubbed it all over my ass and my now very swollen pussy. She knew I was open to anything. Again without warning I felt her fingers reach deep inside me, 2 fingers, then 4 fingers....oh, I was in heaven. But she wasn't done. She moved her fingers around and around getting me wetter and wetter until next....I felt my pussy open up even more. She had put her entire fist inside me. She slowly moved her fist around to the right and then the left opening me more and more. She said, "you like this don't you?, I know you do!". That was it, the flood gates opened and I moaned and screamed out in ecstacy! I came and came and came until I nearly passed out. She didn't remove her fist though. She poured more lube over her hand and worked it inside me and whispered that she she was going to cum too.I came again and again and again. I was panting so hard at this point that it was a good thing I was bent over the tub .

I love taking a bath!

playdate88 49M/44F
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3/23/2006 7:17 am

Wow,,,what a bath,,,

wantonwill 60M

3/23/2006 8:52 am

Whew!.....experiencing "morning wood"!

Spicy4Unow 50F
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3/23/2006 8:59 am

Now it just needs to become reality

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