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12/20/2005 2:17 pm

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Well now, isn't that a concept! As was commented to me, "give it time,you'll learn." OMG....isn't that the truth and damn good think I have no problems being taught, whether by happenings in life in general or others who may be wiser then myself. Although, it seems that is all I do, learn from afar.

I consider myself very intuitive yet this is the one thing in my life that eludes me. I know, how can I be so in tuned with myself and others and be so clueless-LOL. Guess what, I keep asking myself the same question. I read people like a book and have fun with it. Yet still I miss the hints, the clues, etc....and if I think it's there I find that this gregarious person turns timid and does nothing; like a scared deer with oncoming headlights in the middle of a highway. Wow, that being said, I guess I'm blindsited for some reason.

Well tonight, I might take off to my friends house. She is having a gathering with some friends so alone will be impossible but hey it's the season for food and drinks and to be merry one way or another, right!? I'm hoping she'll take me up on an invitation to come to my house tomorrow night for some drinks and well....good conversation!

Ciao for now all. Maybe I'll have more to tell late tonight.

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