LOL...still learning  

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12/21/2005 12:15 pm

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LOL...still learning

Ok, so I went to her house with a friend of mine and it was just 4 of us chating. No, it was all innocent...1 gay guy, 1 straight guy, 1 bi-gal and of course 'lil ole me. No, I'm not from the south I just like that phrase. Anyway, we're all sitting around chating and a bit partying of course, being the cheery time of year and all. Occasionally, she looks over at me with a big grin on her face and of course I look back but find myself not grining back for too long. Now keep in mind our partying is not entirely licit usuage so having a smile on one's face sort of comes with the territory so I may be reading into it more then there is.

UGH!!!!!!!!!! Someone clue me in, please!!!! Am I just blind or stupid or need to seriously take a course in "catching a clue"?!

Well she is suppose to come over tonight for awhile and I will take the suggestion given to me to ask for another massage like the other night but this time I will be less clueless. Just the idea of it all makes me so hot right now. Wish it was tonight already. Ok, well back to my daytime affairs (no pun intended).

Ciao! for now

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