Why the web (Written March 2005)  

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Why the web (Written March 2005)

***I originally wrote this for a different (and never realized) blog. Seeing as it hasn't seen the light yet, I thought I'd share it now. Stars mark additions for AdultFriendFinder.

Being an upfront and honest person (by which I mean, I'm not a very good liar; apparently I have major tells), I've never shied away from admitting to my friends that I have a profile online, looking to meet people. I don't advertise it, which is funny, because it is an advertisement, but if asked or the topic comes up, Yes, I have a profile on two different web personals sites. Yes, I've met people through them. *And yes, one of them is a sex-oriented site.

But the next question always gets me, and it's Why the web? Why the web? Let me, like Shakespeare, count the ways.

1) I would much prefer my first impression be something I wrote sober rather than something I uttered drunk. I admit it, meeting new people I get nervous. But let me write it, and it comes easy.
2) I would rather meet some one sober than some one utterly drunk. I would rather be sober when I met them. Having done it drunk and done it sober, I won't even touch wine before hooking up. Give me my wits and a full complement of senses for myself and my partner, and we start at spectacular and work our way up.
3) My friends will never describe me correctly to some one they set me up with. They will never describe her correctly to me. Too much of this depends on subjective judgements. They will pick some one perfect for the person they see me as, and she won't be right for me.
4) Because neither the super market nor the bookstore has picked up on my suggestion of a singles night.
5) Because the people looking online are, in the main, more open minded. More experimental. More willing to test their boundaries and push me past mine.

Given these reasons, most people react the same way. Huh, well, if you think it'll work, go for it. And their cynicism not withstanding, here I am. Come and get me.

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