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12/1/2005 10:23 pm

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What's yours?

***As with the previous post, this was written some time ago, and has only been posted here now, because it got lost in the bustle.

Today's other theme song: The Moody Blues' "Once Upon A Time"

So, as indicated in the previous post (two in one day, a new record for me), this post is about fetishes. Maybe it's something strange, maybe it's something mundane, maybe it's something unimaginable (these ones create problems), every one has one.

Don't believe me? Lets take a look at what constitutes a fetish (again, I have to define it in my own way). It's something that arouses you, more so than just the regular. Every straight man likes the sight of naked women (gay men like naked men). If you get a considerable increase in your desire for that naked woman's body if she has some tattoos, congratulations, you have a tattoo fetish (gay tattoo fetishists like naked men with tattoos; I don't need to keep pointing this out do I, I'm straight, the examples will be straight, if you're gay, just substitute man for woman).

But what is too mundane to be a fetish? To my mind, nothing. Prefer shaven women? That's your fetish. Prefer unshaved women? That's your fetish. Prefer blondes? Well, if you honestly say it and mean it, that's your fetish. You could substitute redheads, brunettes, or baldies in there if that's what turns you on.

Mundane, yes. Fetishes, yes. What about other things? I have a friend who confessed to me that he was aroused by women with a gap in their front teeth, and the bigger the better. Why? No one knows. And this is the other aspect of fetishism. If you don't have a reason to prefer it, it's a fetish. If you prefer blondes because most of them are bimbos, you don't have a blonde fetish, you have a bimbo fetish. If you like gap-teeth women because they whistle their S's, you don't have a gap fetish, you have a whistling fetish.

So, we've defined fetish. Lets drop the word normal, because I hate it, and call it generic. It's a more specific desire than the generic. I don't just want a naked woman, I want a naked woman with a gap in her front teeth. And it doesn't have a reason. You can justify it after the fact, if you feel you have to, but the point of the fetish is that it's not reasonable (in the abstract).

Does a fetish need to be something alternative? That's how most people describe them, especially sexual ones, but the origin isn't sexual. A fetish is a article, idol, or act/ritual that provides one with some emotional need. Ignore the modern denotation and look at it literally. You probably have numerous fetishes. If you didn't pick your partner for them, you probably entice your partner into picking them up.

Is there anything wrong with having a fetish? I hope not, because I have several. I bet you have some too. Just think about it... what turns you on more than anything. I don't mean in terms of "She's hot", I mean in terms of "I like hippy girls" (and in either definition of hippy, it's a fetish), or "I like guys with beards" (if you do, let me know )or "I like blue eyes". They're all fetishes, but they sound so mundane that we don't give them the credit they deserve. Embrace your fetishes, hold them up proudly, and take back your arousal.

What are your fetishes? I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

1/29/2006 3:56 pm

That would be telling....

Spessartine 35M

1/30/2006 6:02 pm

That's the whole point, though. Especially here, on AdultFriendFinder. Give us your fetishes, and we'll give them back to you, better than ever. At least, that should be the point.

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