Those boots are made for... well...  

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12/1/2005 10:18 pm

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Those boots are made for... well...

***I wrote this a few weeks ago, and in the hustle to get to the show, forgot to post it, so here it comes now. So there you have it... apparently my blog requires some kind of mental Viagra, if it takes two weeks to get it up.

Today's theme song: Billy Ocean's "Get Out Of My Dreams (And Into My Car)"

Cheesy? Hell yeah, but patently true considering the task I face tonight. Explanation, go!

I have this thing about boots. Not just any boots, but anything that fits my own personal definition of a CFM (ask if you don't know what that means):
a) the top of the boot must come to above the maximum width point on the calf. The higher, the better.
b) the boot cannot, except under special circumstances, be loose fitting/falling down off the leg.
c) the effective ness is proportional to the amount of skin showing above the top of the boot. Massive point loss for wearing them with pants, and total zero for tucking pants into the boots. Stockings are only acceptable if I know, hose, never.

So, I have this thing about CFM boots. As in, there is no other single article or combination of articles of clothing that arouses me more. Nothing. Not ever birthday suits. Naked woman... awesome sight. Naked but for boots... I might just need resuscitation.

And now on to the task at hand. I know some very cruel girls with whom I have been less than discrete about my fetish (that'll be today's other post). It's hard to hide it when you stop breathing and turn your head like an owl to follow a girl in skirt and boots. And tonight, when I need to be on my game (karaoke finals people, the Oasis, Halifax, Nova Scotia), a bevy of girls (all of whom are attractive and want nothing to do with me romantically, I've checked) are planning to wear their boots. I can decide whether to quiver with rage or sheer joy.

I wonder if I can sing karaoke when the upper half of my body has no blood in it. I guess we'll see. Now, it's not that, if I really wanted to, I couldn't control myself. I'm not about to jump these girls, and I do, unquestionably, overplay my drooling when with friends, but still. It's going to have the desired effect.

I know girls (these ones, at least) like to tease. It's in their natures, they can't help it. If they can drive a boy wild, even if it's one they have no interest in, they will.

So, hurray for boots.

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