Taxes or otherwise, Collectors are no good  

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10/25/2005 6:25 am

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Taxes or otherwise, Collectors are no good

***I originally wrote this for a different (and never realized) blog. Seeing as it hasn't seen the light yet, I thought I'd share it now. Stars mark additions for AdultFriendFinder.

Some things are fun to collect. They include movies, celebrity autographs, trading cards, and stamps. And the Collectors can be pretty intriguing people. I used to work in a post office, and you would not believe how nuts people go for stamps. Apparently, there are birth stamps, just like there are birth stones. I don't remember what mine was, but it was a neat idea.

However, I have to admit that some Collectors just irk me. What kind? The people you meet online who have no intention of ever chatting with you. What do they collect? For the most part, pictures and handles on their IM system. They used to be easy to spot. Thirty seconds into a conversation about anything (from sex to Star Trek) and they ask these questions in rapid succession (even if they have been answered already): ASL? What do you look like? Got a pic?

These days, however, the collector has become more wiley (and not the coyote, either). Pics are no longer the trophy, it's enough to get your name on the IM or address book. I know a girl, IRL, who Collects. Currently, she claims to have over 200 contacts on her IM. How many does she chat with? Me. That's it. But she likes to keep them around, because she feels that anyone with that long a list must be wildly popular.

These online Collectors drive me crazy. The worst of them are the ones who ignore you once you're on their list. Message them, and they don't answer. Wait three months, and you get that one message: "Who is this?". And answering sends you back to the list, to be spoken to only when forgotten again. The picture Collectors are worse. I've developed a passion for baiting them. They can ignore every message in the world except "I have a new pic". Put it in your IM handle, and watch them come calling.

Now, I'm not saying that people don't lose touch online. It happens. The person you spent so much time discussing reruns of Star Trek with in a chat room two months ago isn't likely to be a close friend. So why do they stay on your list?

** I've noticed that AdultFriendFinder is rife with Collectors. People who will chat with you, determine you're not what they're looking for... and yet you remain to be forgotten on their lists. Is there some remote chance that you may re-enter the race? Are they hedging their bets on the chance that I might end up being the last man on earth at some point? Worse yet are the people who can't reject you, and keep you on their lists because they feel deleting you would be rude. I'd prefer an up front rejection to a limbo of several "Hi, are you there?" messages before I give up and delete you.

It's gotten to the point where I automatically get wary of anyone asking for a pic before at least one good conversation. The words "What do you look like?" make me cautious (** ridiculous for an online adult personals site, I know, but...), and I'm absolutely paranoid about people who refuse to communicate. So lets make the effort. Society begins and ends with communication, it's only human. And aren't we all.

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