How much is too much?  

Spessartine 35M
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11/24/2005 8:32 pm

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How much is too much?

So, the question of the day: how much friendship is required for benefits?

If I say to you that I'm looking for a friendship with benefits (FW, what I'm saying is this: I want sex, I want to have it with some one I connect with, and I want to be able to grab dinner after and talk about current events.

Experience tells me that what I'm looking for falls between what most people want. I'm not above booty calls, I think they make the FWB arrangement exciting, but there has to be something more than that, or you're just repeating the same one night stand several times.

But how far should the friendship go. Where do things rank in the world of FWB's? Take cuddling as an example. I've got nothing against cuddling. But regular sex-less cuddling is a romantic event to me, and I don't do it with FWB's. If we're watching a movie, just as friends, and don't plan on having sex on a particular night... is it wrong to not want to cuddle? Is that physicality a necessary part of a FWB situation?

I don't normally cuddle with non-benefits friends, no matter how close they are. Should that be modified simply because the friendship involves sex? Is it a deal breaker?

Let me know.

2gd2btruue 60M

11/24/2005 9:26 pm

These are very interesting questions. I can't speak from experience since I've yet to find an fwb. But that is exactly what I'm looking for. I like the bit about booty calls. If all you're doing is having a string of one night stands, it won't last long. Enjoy it and move on when its time. Thats not an fwb. Thats an fjfs (friend just for sex). To me, an fwb is all about the f and less about the b. And the b should be way more than "just sex".

Snuggle away, my friend. Spend a night snuggling and kissing and making out. Nothing more. Thats how we connect.

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