Honestly being True to yourself and others  

SpeshandCutez 50F/60F
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11/10/2005 12:48 am

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4/14/2006 4:24 am

Honestly being True to yourself and others

Well since this is Cutez writing this blog..it's time for me to be real about myself..which is hard as others will always gossip about you...Although living with my girlfriend who is a TS male to female is great and love her to the ends of the earth.. I feel that she will always look for something she can't have because of her moral upbring of life among other things as since I am not her will never know... but me I need to need to be true to myself once and for all...biggest fear being alone... no one to support me and care deeply about me...No girlfriend does not feel the same way.. and she feels guilty about that.. but that's life.. learning to cope with that is never easy... but soon have to face facts... when she finds someone who see her for a beautiful woman she is..deepest sorrow will be deep for me as for the first time I have fallen in love and not being given in return .... honestly how do I cope with that... having fear I will lose her but having to let her go.. and be alone again... will we be friends guess not as seeing her with another person will hurt like hell.. butyet I can cope if we do the couples things together funny that... not that many have met us as they can't get there head around that my girl friend is a TS... well I guess we are both single here as we have a open relationship..she goes out with males or other females....but if I were to go out with other males I cannot live with her anymore ... so you wonder who is giving in this relationship and the other gives???
well such is life as it is a cruel world we live in today.. people just used you for anything until the right one comes alongs and throws the leftovers to the wolves... always the way...well being honest and true comes at a price as we all know...Shame life is cruel... AdultFriendFinder has been great in some ways meeting great fantastic people and becoming friends some wanting to know your life... but sad my life has had downfalls more than once....and will kept that hidden for a while until its ready to come out....

time to make a coffee

williemay 71M
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11/29/2005 4:13 pm

Cutez remember the special way you first felt about special and please be gentle with her as she has had a hard row to get where she is now medically wise. Rome was not built in a day and if your relation is soley built arouns sex then there will be worry, if build on love the it will be forever and a day...
make my coffee black with 2 sugars please as well thanks

SpeshandCutez 50F/60F

12/26/2005 2:35 pm

thank you williemay love means alot to me more than sex.... I will always be gentle to Special as she has been so wonderful and caring to me... no one has made me feel like that in a long time... bring back the old days when people respected you and were so kind..

merry xmas

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