A Naughty Friday Night  

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A Naughty Friday Night

It had been a long week that had tired me out. But, driving down the road I felt invigorated. I was driving to meet Alexa at a restaurant in her town. I had never considered, or wanted a long distance relationship. Her and I just sort of happened, and it felt right. We really clicked. The only things I didn't like were the phone bills and getting to see her only on the weekends. Plus, I guess if I was being really honest, I'd have to have said the sex was a bit too much on the meek side. But, she was such a wonderful and pretty lady that I wasn't going to complain.

I thought about the previous weekend we had spent together. We had made passionate love several times. She was a good lover, and did know how to make me feel good. Yet, I found myself thinking not about her marvelous body, but rather, more about a conversation we had had right before I left. She had said, "You're always so nice to me. Saying such sweet and complimentary things to me all the time. What about me do you NOT like." It was a weird question, and it caught me off guard. The only thing I could think of that probably wouldn't upset her was, she tended to be a bit of a flirt in public. Not just with me, but with other guys too.

It didn't really bother me that much, but it was all I could think of that was safe. I knew the distance thing wasn't going to change right now, and figured the sex was "good enough." When I told her my trivial complaint she said, You know, you're not the first person to tell me that. I wish I could break that habit. Maybe you could help me? Knowing she was going somewhere with this, but not sure WHERE, I asked, "How?" Shyly, not even looking me in the eyes, she said, "If I do it again, maybe you could punish me. Maybe a spanking?"

My pulse had nearly doubled when she said the word spanking. I had always fantasized about it, but hadn't dared share the dark desire I had. I murmured, "Well, it's not a big deal, just don't do it anymore" and just laughed it off. I had thought about it all week, and was convinced she was just being silly and no way wanted a spanking. But, just thinking about it made a bulge in my shorts.

When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw Alexa's car already there. She was looking in her rearview mirror. She popped out of her fancy sports car and starting walking towards me as I pulled into a space. Looking at her, I simply couldn't believe what she was wearing. She had on a new pair of tight blue-jeans that really showed off her figure. That looked nice, but her blouse! It was a frilly white fabric that was entirely too thin. She obviously wasn't wearing a bra either. From a good distance I could see her breasts almost clearly. As she got closer, I could actually she her pink nipples. It was embarrassing. I almost wanted to tell her to cover up.

But, there were several people around us. Many of them stealing a glance. All I could say was, "aren't you cold?" She just laughed, gave me a hug and we headed in.

It was a nice place, and we were seated quickly. I noticed the waiter was sort of eyeing Alexa and her bosom. And, she was eyeing him back. He was a young kid, and not at all her type. It was obvious she was in a mood though.

She ordered steak and lobster, easily the most expensive thing on the menu. As she said how she wanted her steak cooked, she reached over and touched this guys arm and said, "Make sure they cook it right. I hate to have to send any meat back." Ugggh, she was in full flirt mood.

The conversation was light. Mostly about how the week had been. She was acting pretty silly, so it was hard to be very serious.

While giving us the check, the waiter asked how the meal was. Alexa tells the guy, "It was yummy. I especially enjoyed the lobster. I love the pink meat." Then she says, "Do you like pink meat?" The kid stutters out, "Yea, but it can be hard to get." With a wicked smile she says, "It can be easier to get than you think."

I was pissed now. Flirting was one thing, but she was crossing the line.

I composed myself as we walked out. We were taking my car to a movie. As soon as she sat down I asked her what the hell she was doing in there. She just laughed and said she was playing. I told her, "You remember what we talked about last week." She nodded yes. "If you don't put yourself in check, I am seriously going do it." She didn't say a word.

The theater was packed, and we were lucky to find two seats together. About 10 minutes into the film, Alexa put her hand on my leg. That felt nice, and it seemed she had calmed down.

But, that didn't last.

Before I knew it, her hand had crept up my thigh and found my crotch. We were surrounded by people, so I pushed her away... only to have her hand start it's journey up my leg once again. Then, she leaned towards me, brushed her lips across my chest and began nibbling on my neck. I could feel my cock beginning to respond. I tried to gently move her away from me. She was making a scene, and people were watching. I was turning dark red from embarrassment, and my body's noticeable reaction.

I reached over and grabbed her arm, and told her to KNOCK IT OFF. But, it did no good. She just kept right on, insisting on touching me. The thought of spanking her was more than a fantasy now... it was a MUST.

With all her silliness, I barely noticed that the movie had ended. As the lights came on, I became aware that many people were staring at us and whispering. Thankfully, my hard-on had finally subsided. The shorts I was wearing would have made it very obvious. But, Alexa had certainly put on quite a little show for them.

She no doubt saw I was not pleased. And the fact that she became so reserved and quiet on the way out of the theater made me think she was having second thoughts about how wild she'd acted. Maybe getting a spanking seemed like a better idea to her when it wasn't so
close to being at hand.

By the time we got to her apartment, she was making small talk. Mainly about the dinner and movie, like it had been a NORMAL date. I flipped on the light as she pushed her shoes off. She approached me, to give me a hug. This was a pretty standard first step to a night of love making for us.

I put my arms out and said, "What do you think you're doing?" She paused, and before I let her answer I added, "We have some business to deal with first." I grabbed her by her wrist and started to pull her across the room towards a large blue chair that sat near the bedroom door.

She tried to pull away, but I just squeezed tighter. She babbled something about promising not to be a tease again... but I wasn't listening. As I pivoted and sat on the chair she was still struggling and arguing. I pulled at her arm hard and said, "Look... you're getting a spanking. It's going to happen right NOW. If you fight it, it's only going to be worse."

She calmed a bit and seemed to accept the inevitable. But, she had a definite look of worry and even fear on her face while she stood there between my legs. Being so close, I could also see her nipples were erect and straining against her slutty blouse. And, I was certainly hard. It was a charged atmosphere.

I reached for the belt buckle on her jeans and roughly unhooked it. Alexa stood there silently with her arms at her side. I loosened the metal button and reached for her zipper. I slowly pulled it down from the top of her pants, over her clit... past her pussy opening... but I knew not to linger too long.

Her undone pants easily slid down her thighs to her knees, exposing her white panties. I put my hand on her hip and pushed her to my side. I grabbed her wrist again... and pulled her across my lap.

I felt her warm body against my legs, her side brushing up against my hard cock. I slid my hand from her wrist to her upper arm and pulled her closer. I pressed myself even tighter against her. With my free hand, I reached for the waistband of her panties. I slipped my hand between the elastic and her skin. I could feel the fine, soft hairs on her body stiffen.

I jerked at her panties until they nestled under the soft cheeks of her ass,
bunched up between her thighs. The front of her panties still covered her now wet pussy, but I had no interest in her fuck hole. I had no desire to slide my cock inside her, or nibble on her clit. I wanted only to administer the penalty she richly deserved.

As soon she felt the cool air on her, she began to fight me. She started to
complain that she didn't want me to hit her bare bottom. She wasn't in a
position to bargain though. She lifted herself up, but I moved my hand from her arm to the back of her neck. I pushed her back down, very firmly. When she was again flat, I grabbed the hair on the back of her head and squeezed and pulled. She knew she was totally overpowered and in a helpless position.

With her again tamed, I looked down at her bare bottom. Her white skin stood out against an otherwise tanned body. I could feel her warm breath against my leg. I placed my hand flat against the middle of her rear end. I could feel her muscles tense in anticipation.

My eyes focused, I raised my hand... and quickly dropped it on her. A smack echoed through the room. A second rapid slap brought a yelp from Alexa. I continued to spank away at her hide as she thrashed about.

As my hand rained down more and more whacks on her, she began to wail, "OOoooww." Her soft, naked butt had turned a light shade of red. I moved my blows from side to side. Most of the slaps were light.....irritating. But, every once in a while I would deliver a real hard stinger that would leave a red impression of my hand on her sweet white ass. She'd shudder and shake, her legs would fly in the air, and I'd hear a shrieking squeal.

Between her cries, I could feel her breathing move from deep inhales to quick gasps. I became aware that she was grinding herself ever so slyly into my legs. She was trying desperately to rub her aching clit against my thighs.

Her hips were getting more and more feverish in their thrusting. I could feel her wetness, leaving a damp, moist spot on my thigh. I lost track of where I was aiming, and an errant strike landed across her lower
buttocks... brushing up against her wet pussy lips. She let out a gasping moan. She was cuming. Her juices were flowing all over me as she climaxed right in my lap.

I intensified the spanking. Splat-whack-whap. I really let her have it. Her
sassy ass was now a deep stinging shade of crimson. I couldn't believe she had orgasmed, and was making her pay. But, my hand was ringing in pain and my arm was tired. After 60 or so smacks, I lost my desire to continue.

Releasing my grip, Alexa pushed herself off me... FAST. With the frenzy her tail received at the end of the spanking, I am sure she wanted to make sure it was over. Her face was flushed, and her eyes were teary. Standing in front of me, she made no attempt to pull up her pants or panties. Instead, she was rubbing her backside with both hands.

I could see her black pubic hair poking out of the top of her panties. And, I could tell she was excited. I also felt an enormous hard on, and a driving desire to cum. Looking at Alexa's drenched pussy and her rubbing her ass cheeks, I knew where I wanted to cum.

I asked her if she thought she had learned her lesson. She nodded yes. I asked if she would ever embarrass me like that again. A nod no. I asked if she would ever wear that shirt again. She paused and said, "But... I like this shirt." I responded, "Alexandra, I don't think you understand. I don't think that the spanking got through to you."

She asked, "Are you going spank me again?" But, getting her off again in my lap wasn't on my mind. My throbbing cock was my main concern. So, I said, "No. Now young lady, I want you in the bedroom."

With that, she pulled her pants half way up and stumbled towards the bedroom. Following behind her, I must say I truly did enjoy the view.

In the bedroom, Alexa began to speak. But, I put my fingers to her mouth and told her not to say a word. That she was to silently do what I said, and if she didn't... I would simply spank her again. With her ass surely still aching she nodded ok.

I told her to strip off the rest of her clothes. With me watching intently, she began to finish undressing. I could see she felt awkward and uncomfortable in exposing herself after the way I had handled her. I was glad, and I didn't let my eyes waver from her body for a moment. She faced me, head bowed, not wanting to meet my eyes. I wanted her, and I wanted her now. My way.

I pulled my shorts and underwear off in one swift and fluid motion. My stiff cock sprang out at her. In the well lit room, I could see her looking at my erection. She certainly expected to have me hammering her pussy to orgasm very soon.

I told her to lay on the bed. She complied quickly, positioning herself on her back. She slightly bent her knees, and spread her legs. Her classic, come-fuck me position.

I moved towards the bed, and sat on the edge. She had a sly grin on her face. I leaned towards her and said, "Play with your pussy." A look of disbelief shot over her previously smug face. I had asked to watch her masturbate before. Many times in fact. She had always refused. Said it was private, and not for my eyes.

After a brief pause, she said, "But I..." SMACK, "Oooow!" rang through the room as my hand made contact with the side of her ass. "I said to keep quiet and do as you were told! You play with your cunt, or I will spank you... with a BELT."

She bit her lower lip and seemed to be considering her options. Her hands then moved towards her pubic mound. At first she was very timid with her touch. She fumbled around, not sure how to handle me sitting a few feet away watching. And, I was watching closely.

I told her to finger herself. She used the fingers on one hand to spread her lips apart, and glided a finger from the other hand into her wet hole. As she moved in and out, I could hear the plunging sound of wet, fucked pussy.

As she increased her rhythm, she became less bashful. The hand that had been spreading her lips drifted towards her clit. Her pussy glistened with moisture. Slowly at first, she rubbed the folds of her skin next to her clit. She picked up the rate quickly. The finger on her other hand slid out of her pussy hole and moved towards her clit as well. One hand laid across the top of her genitals, causing her erect clit to stick up in the air. Her other hand was now directly stimulating her clit. I was less than a foot away watching her.

Being so close, my hips started gyrating back and forth. I could feel cum moving through my cock. I knew it would only take a few strokes to explode. A small amount of cum dribbled from my tip as I saw her start to spasm. She lifted her head off the pillow and tensed up, and then slammed her head back down as her orgasm let its grip subside.

I let her catch her breath. The room had the subtle smell of sex. I could see she was still very wet. And, I still hadn't cum... and she knew it.

I stood up, and told her to roll over onto her tummy. That was hardly her
favorite position, but she did sometimes "let" me have it that way. Turning over, I could see the job I had done to her rear. I could stare at my handiwork. It had been a good spanking, and it turned me on to see the evidence of it.

Her legs were pressed together, so I separated them. I hopped on the bed, and positioned myself on my knees, between her legs. Alexa had turned her head to the side, and was relaxing. She was waiting for my cock.

I put my hand on the cheek of her ass and slowly massaged all over. Her red skin was almost hot to the touch. Alexa seemed to enjoy the soothing feeling. She was slowly starting to rock her hips into the bed. She had never been so insatiable.

I let my hand roam towards her pussy. She lifted her body a tad to give me access. I ran my fingers over her swollen lips, and across her tight hole. My fingers were immediately drenched. I used my other hand to spread her ass. That made her jump. Alexa never liked any sort of anal play. I suspected she was curious though.

I pulled my fingers away from her pussy, and put one of them in her butt. She didn't say anything, which surprised me. The feel inside was so erotic. So forbidden. At first, it was very tight. The more I went in and out, the more she relaxed. I slid a second finger in, and continued. Finger fucking that tight red ass was really turning me on.

I tried a third finger inside her, and that brought a little moan. But, I could see it didn't cause her major pain.

I pulled my fingers out, and positioned myself. Alexa sensed what I was getting ready to do. She turned her head and weakly asked, "What are you gonna do?" I immediately grabbed her by the hair and pulled. I said, "I am gonna fuck you in your ass, and you aren't going to say a word." She quieted right down, and when I let her hair go... she laid her head down, abandoning her protest.

Her ass was already wet from me fingering her, and my penis was glistening at the tip. I applied a healthy dose of saliva to my hand, and then to my hard dick. I readied her again, just like I had when I fingered her. This time, my cock was waiting inches outside of her.

I slowly, carefully let the tip wander inside. She let out a groan, and I could feel the muscles at her opening go taut and squeeze me tightly. I reached down with my hand and found her pussy. I brushed up against her clit, and started massaging it... gently, steadily. I could feel her relaxing, and I pushed my cock deeper in.

My shaft moved inside her, until I could feel my balls touching her warm ass. I moved my hands to her hips, and started to pump in and out. Her hand replaced mine on her pussy, fingers rapidly rubbing away. I knew she was delighting in this new pleasure.

As I picked up the velocity of my thrusting, my balls started slapping against her ass. The tightness and all encompassing feel was heavenly. Banging away at her, seeing her ass glow from be spanked, hearing her moan, the feel of something so "naughty"... all made me have to concentrate a great deal to not immediately climax.

I could feel it building though, and knew I couldn't wait much longer. When I felt Alexa's contractions pulling me deeper inside her ass, when I felt her cuming fast and hard, I knew my release was coming. With her still climaxing, I pulled my cock out of her ass. With two strokes of my hand, my cock started jerking cum out of it. The first pulse of white cum landed on her red ass. The next blast fired on the top of her ass and onto the small of her back. I was having as powerful an orgasm as I had ever had. It seemed to last forever. Her moans and groans pushed me on. My cock kept on having orgasmic spasms even after I stopped ejaculating.

When it was finally over, Alexa was flat on the bed. Her bright red ass now covered with my cum. We were both completely spent.

After some rest, and then some deep passionate kissing I asked Alexandra if she was going wear that shirt again. She smiled, and said... I might, or I might not. Oh boy, and it was still only Friday!

azcowboyluver 48F

5/7/2007 3:26 pm

What an awesome story. I never thought spanking could be so erotic. I truely enjoyed it.

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