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7/27/2006 7:10 am

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You know...

First, off many of you may look down upon me (or my type) for even being here, but I have yet to act or even come close on acting on anything said, done, offered, or anything of the like, so ease off my back. Aight?

Good, now that's said, this place is becoming more and more like Myspace (yeah I said it) on a daily basis. If I take the time to search and find your lovely profile ladies, and god forbid you sound interesting enough for me to send a relatively well thought out email expressing that interest (and friend invite). Yes, I'm not the type to send "Hey Let's fuck" emails, and flagrant shots of my cock (I know I'm rare).
I usually don't expect much in return (but something minimal such as a brief hello or "thanks for noticing" email would suffice).
Autoreplies saying "You're too busy" are garbage and all that says to me is that you aren't reading everyone's emails. Yes I know the Girls to Guys ratio on here is like 1 to 1,000 but I mean.. come ON. If you accept the friend invite, that means you at least "read" the email (I would hope for content) and found whatever it is I said interesting enough to accept. If you don't expect to act on it, don't accept it, or send something (quick replies are nice) to say why.
In closing, Don't be a FRIEND WHORE.
Oh and don't EVEN get me started on you porn-spam profiles who are here for nothing but soliciation to go to some pay-site. Utter garbage. The fact that I would imagine AdultFriendFinder is in on the whole scene (for the advertising $$$) is disturbing in and of itself.
That's all I have for now..
I'll be travelling to Lafayette next week.. lookin', and San Antonio the week after that..

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