Roller Coaster Reprise  

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12/22/2005 10:04 am

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Roller Coaster Reprise

The day started with that wonderful, familiar,

Good Morning

~ that I wait for,

~ that I so enjoy.

She was there. My friend.

We both get seated and belted in.

A little back and forth; How are you, what's up?

The coaster starts off begining that slow climb to the first crest; Click, click, click.

The expected good natured ribbing flys back and forth.

We are getting to the top of the first hill.

This is fun. We always have fun.
On to something a little more serious.
Thoughts continued from previous days at the park.

Over the crest and headed down; picking up speed.

Very heavy topics being discussed.

Really going fast now.

It turns personal. Touching areas deep inside. Now I'm crying.

At the bottom of the first hill now.

Working through the pain.

We start to accend.

Laughter mixed in with the tears gives way to smiles and more laughter.

Up at the top of the next hill. The ride pauses.

What a wonderful view.
Catching my breath.

Hours later conversation continues; the ride continues.

casual conversation.
You OK after that first hill?
Sure. A little shakey for a while but fine.

A loop-da-loop, a corks screw, lots of fun.
Paused on a straight piece of track.

Later on.
Conversation continues; the ride continues.

At the end of the straight away, over the edge and down sharply.

Now she's crying.
Working through issues.

Slowly climbing back up; clickity clack.

Laughter, tears, more laughter.

The ride is over.

Nothing but laughter.

What a ride!

My Friend and I are OK.

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