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11/7/2005 3:40 pm

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Yeah, OK, for most people this is a site about sex. A few are looking for a LTR. So how long did it take YOU to decode LTR as Long Term Relationship? More on acronyms in a moment. For me, above and beyond looking for a partner, I really enjoy reading the profiles and blogs, even those where there is obviously not a match. There's so much here. Movies I've never heard of. Authors I've never read. Interesting people to communicate with just for the fun of it.
It's interesting to see the phases members seem to go through. There's the newbie who's profile was just built by the automatic profile builder. There is the freshly edited profile of the unseasoned member. Then the inevitable I'm not playing games, no BS only men with good teeth modifications. Maybe mixed in with a little anger at being toyed with. Empty promises. Lies. The wolf in sheeps clothing. The addition of no photo, no reply will eventually be added. And the "can't you guys read" statements and the I used to have a long profile but no one read it and the NO MEN NO MEN NO MEN please stop it already!
Then there are the women who need not say much of anything, and don't because their picture gets them all the action they want and can handle. There is the you've seen one cock you've seen them all and the don't show it to me I want a suprise and the must show both heads.

Now, as promised, back to the acronyms and some vocabulary words.

Test your knowledge:

Cuckold (as in member name goddes4cuckold)
Tantric Sex
Glory Hole

All but the first and last can be found on google by typing "define: " and then the word. Don't forget the colon.

sexyeyes375 47F

11/7/2005 10:08 pm

I like your take on the profiles.

I knew all but one of your acronyms/words. I had to look up Bukkake. Interesting visual.

SactoBiCpl 43M/42F

9/8/2006 10:44 am

Without googling anything:

GB = Gang Bang

DP = Double Penetration

Cuckold = a man with an unfaithful wife. In modern context, a man who remains faithful but enjoys watching his wife fuck other men

Tantric Sex = a sexual practice similar to yoga involving special positions to heighten the arousal of both parties, see also Kama Sutra

Bukkake = a Japanese form of pornography usually referred to in America as a "Circle Jerk". One person in the center of a group of guys who all masturbate on the one in the center until that one is covered in cum

Glory Hole = a hole in a partition, usually a bathroom stall, wherein one may place ones penis to recieve an anonymous blowjob from whoever is on the other side. keeps both parties from seeing each other and protects their anonymity

Thank you, I'm here all week...

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