What is age anyway?  

SouthernUTLover 60M
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4/24/2006 6:42 pm
What is age anyway?

Is agedness merely a chronological measurement of maturation of the human body, spirit, and mind? Or is it more....

Generally speaking, we all gain knowledge and wisdom as we age. We seem to trade that for a decrease in physical prowess.

Reflecting within as I approach a milestone of 50 years, I ask what have I accomplished with life as I have, statistically at least, lived close to 2/3 of my lifespan. How will I be measured...what of a legacy...how often have I raised the bar for myself to keep achieving?

Accomplishments of material gain are easy to measure. What of those things we have done that touch others' lives though....things we will never know of, much less be able to measure. What value can be placed on all of the good we have done...small treasures left behind us as we move forward.

Some are great leaders in visible deeds. Others are just as great, but their efforts are so much more silent and subtle. Humankind needs both, but which is more powerful?


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