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10/28/2005 10:34 am

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idle time

well, i find myself with a day off and idle hands are evil hands so i thought i'd let my evil idle hands do some walking on the keyboard and see what happens... perhaps i'll amuse myself, perhaps i'll amuse someone else, perhaps i'll just be obnoxious and annoy all who come to visit... it matters not... i type, you read, that is the way of things in blogland.

i found myself re-reading my 100 things post from last week... it amused me to no end... the innane babble i can spew forth sometimes never ceases to amaze even me. from there i re-read all the other posts i've made on this blog and the one i have on ALT... why i have 2 is simple... light side and dark side, just keeping them seperate there... if you really want to read some sick twisted shit check that blog out!

ok... had a phone call to answer and now my mind is in a different place.... so much for being amusing..

ok... now a knock at the door... i'm hanging this up for now... to be continued

photo icon is original artwork: The Screamer (oil on canvas) 1991

....once i had it hanging in the downstairs powder room and as a joke i told people it was called "constipated"... well, the joke WAS appropriate to it's setting at the time.

...That which does not kill me merely pisses me off!...

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