and the band played on....  

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11/8/2005 4:03 am

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4/2/2006 9:48 pm

and the band played on....

woohoo!! finished that last job on saturday, what a freakin bear. bleh, could have had that last job done in 1 week instead of 2 if it weren't for the 5 hour round trip each day... fortunately my next project, starting today, is 3 blocks from my house... nice! of course i won't know what i'm getting myself into until i'm into it, as usual lol!

ok, enough of work...

that fuckin hurricane katrina... we had a tour in the planning for the gulf coast... were going to start in gulfport and tour from tallahassee to new orleans over a 6 week period this winter... now almost all of our venues are TOAST, tour cancelled due to a lack of places to play

ok, enough of venting...

the new bassist we added is awesome, talented and can freakin write some riffs! prospects are indeed looking very up for the band... we wrote 3 songs in the last 3 sessions and all of them are probably our best work to date, they'll make the cut for sure. now that we have a backlog of 10 new songs it's time to get the engineer back in to reference the handful of new songs on cd, in preperation for our first album. ...release date on that is at this time nebulously anticipated for February '06, from which we'll also spin off a demo to replace our ancient demo from 2 years ago. our direction musically is waaaaay different from then and a demo needs to be current. not to mention that there's been various personnel changes too such as our lead singer no longer plays the bass, he's playing rhythm guitar on 1/3rd of the songs and just singing the rest, well some songs require him to jump in and out with the guitar too (ala NiN, Godsmack). i even wrote a song that gives him a solo to play too, that song will make the album as well. the sound is real THICK now...

we've also made many adjustments with our equiptment which totally altered our sound to the bottom heavy... gut punching... of course my ears ring constantly and our lead singer is going deaf in his left ear (my fault... i'm set up on his left with a 550 watt fender metalhead... cuts like a scalpel through anything!)

look out you headbangers... we're calling down the thunder!

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11/8/2005 7:16 pm

Metal God:

This is frikkin' phenomenal! I've really enjoyed listening to Savage Jack's music ... and I only hope at least two of my current three favorites make the cut for the CD! Who knows? At the rate y'all are pounding 'em out ... you'll have enough for a two-CD release!

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Sorceror07 54M

11/8/2005 10:38 pm

yes... cruel and pointless AND mark of the wolf will be on the CD and YOU get a copy signed by the whole band too, personally delivered by the lead guitarist

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