OH NOOOO! @#$%&!!!!!!!!!  

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11/18/2005 4:04 pm

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OH NOOOO! @#$%&!!!!!!!!!

grrrr... i've recently discovered that my storage portfolio, containing over 50 of my original works of art has been damaged by a water leak in my ex wife's garage. the damage went unnoticed for 2 years and several of my works are mildewed, some watercolor pieces are toasted, and most of the matting needs to be replaced.

fortunately, i matted most of my works so the actual pieces damaged are few... whew!! what could have been a disaster has turned out to be only a major inconvenient pain in the arse. i'm going to have to re-mat everything.

guess it could have been worse, guess it could have been better, it is what it is... now i've got work to do...

photo icon is original artwork: Anger (oil on canvas) 1999

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