Our Adventure in Vermont  

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8/12/2006 4:06 am

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Our Adventure in Vermont

Last weekend, my wife and I had been to Vermont and stayed in a nice
hotel which had its own spa in the rooms. The room came with the usual
provision of pay to view adult movies on the TV.

After a good night out with another couple whom we see twice a year when
visiting their city, we had planned to return to our room, with them
for a dip in the spa.

Unfortunately, the modern age of cell phones interrupted that ending, as
Evan & Betty were called away - prematurely ending the evening. We
returned to the room on our own, albeit slightly dejected. I went
straight in to the bathroom to fill the spa, while T.C. went into
the bedroom, to select an adult movie to watch on the TV.

Expressing her frustration on the remote's buttons she said "Damn cell

As expected she had chosen a movie with two couples in it. We polished
off the bottle of red wine that was in the mini bar, while watching the
movie, and waited for the spa to fill.

We were just about to get into the spa and watch the movie whilst
caressing each other, when TC said to order another bottle of
wine from room service. I rang down, and ordered another one. They said
there would be a delay of about 15 minutes, which I said would be ok.

Well 15 mins is plenty of time for two horny people in a spa, watching
an adult movie - to get HOT.

By the time the knock on the door came, we were covered with bubbles and
were already having some fun.

"Come in ...use your key" TC said when the wine arrived.

"Will there be anything else?" The porter asked.

"Anything?" tc giggled...

To our surprise he answered "Yes - ANYTHING"

I asked him "Do you have 30 mins to spare, or do you have to get back

He replied, "You are my last delivery, I am now off duty"

I asked him to grab our camera off the bedside cabinet and take some
shots for us.

"Sure" he said, and grabbed the camera.

I put my arm around TC in the spa, and we smiled for the camera.
Of course, under the bubbles he could not see what our other hands were
up to! But the look on his face suggested he had ideas.

Meanwhile the movie was still playing and very appropriately, it came to
a scene where a hot tub was being used.

"If you would like to copy any of the scenes playing out on the movie, I
will be happy to take photos for you" he said.

Now that was an offer too good to turn down.

"Make sure you take good shots" TC said. "But first pour us a
couple of wines from that bottle you delivered - and pour one for

While he did that, TC stood up and re positioned herself in the

I said "Take one of TC standing up with those bubbles all over
her." I was on the seat in the spa, so TC stood up, and put her
pussy near my face.

I slid between her legs and buried my face into the waiting pussy lips
to give her a good tonguing. TC was facing the camera, and her ample 40DD"s was in full view for our guest cameraman.

The scene on the movie had a couple do doggy style in the hot tub, so
TC asked me to change position. She knelt on the seat of the spa
with me standing behind her. It was so easy to slide inside her warm
and moist pussy. I was standing, she was leaning on the spa surround
with her tits dangling down - nipples ever so hard by this time.

I said to our guest, "Feel free to move in closer to get some close up
shots". He answered that that wasn't a problem, but it was difficult to
get entry shots from our current position. I laughed and agreed.

TC said to him, "You have a rather large bulge in your pants there
- are you comfortable?" To which he replied "Glad you noticed - and no,
it is not very comfortable".

TC leaned over and unzipped his pants, but of course that did
nothing to help, because it was his jocks that were restricting him. So
she undid his waistband and tugged the pants down. Now his rock hard
erection was bulging for all to see in his tight fitting jocks.

"Pass me the camera" I said, which he obediently did. I took a photo of
TC's smiling face next to the big bulge in the jocks.

"Slowly release his jocks" I said to TC, and took photos of her
doing it.

Her eyes lit up when it was released, about 8 inches of glistening
manhood (Just an inch shorter than mine) with pre cum juices already

At this point I withdrew from TC, and handed the camera back to
our "assistant".

Michelle sat on the spa seat and I stood in front of her. She devoured
my pulsating cock into her mouth and proceeded to give me a magnificent
blow job. The camera was taking this from different angles.

TC was sucking me, fingering herself and watching the camera mans
throbbing cock. The movie was still playing and provided a great
background noise for our activity.

I said "Get the camera ready, I am going to cum all over my wife".

TC could sense the throbbing in my cock and knew I was close to coming. She released her mouth and gripped me with her fingers. The
hand movement continued from where the mouth had left off, and I came over her lovely tits. From her moans I could make out that TC,
fingering herself, came at the same time.

After a minute of rest, my wife asked our cameraman if he would also
like to cum on her tits, to which he passed me the camera and grabbed
his cock in hand.

TC turned around so that she was kneeling on the spa seat again, with her tits resting on the spa edge.

I took a couple of shots of him standing in front of my wife rubbing his cock in front of her. She asked him "Would you like me to do that?"

Well that was a silly question, as TC gave him a hand job and rubbed her tits at the same time with his cock end on her nipple. This
seemed to drive them both on, until he came with a mighty gush.

We had some small talk and cleaned up, before he left.

Now that was good room service.

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8/26/2006 7:24 am

I read your blog and enjoyed the sensual and very loving moments in the story. It must have been wonderful. I have been part of threesomes and when it is right it is right for everyone, especially the women. There seems to be more time for a man to please a woman. It all for her.

Thnak you for the very sexy story and would love to chat more about feel free to e-mail and since I am not a full member here you can try AdultFriendFinder it has 2 underscores.


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