Younger or Older?  

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11/3/2005 10:00 pm

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Younger or Older?

Well i was thinking about why do people concentrate on people being older or younger than them, either for relationships or sexual satisfaction.

When i was a bit littler i use to be attracted to older woman and i was fixed on the idea that i would only go out/have sex with a woman who was older then me.
The way i figured it was that from the friends i have as girls and some random girls i knew who were younger than me was that i did not really find sexually attractive and most of all not mature enough, so that was why i focused on older woman.

Not till recently by mistake i just had sex with a chick without really getting to know her well and then i found out how old she was, she was YOUNGER than me, i was shocked and impressed at the same time.
I found that some girls who are younger are mature and sexually attractive.
So now i am not Bias about age.

Post some comments, about if your bias about the opposite age and if so why???

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