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12/26/2005 6:18 pm

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Don't take offense to these.

= Someone Knocks on the door. "Hey is your brother home?", "Dad it's for you!"

- "I fucked a MILF last night", "Who was the MILF?", "My Mum."
(MILF = Mum I Like to Fuck)

- WIFE = W-Washing, I-Ironing, F-Fucking, E-Etc.

- Masturbation causes Blindess

- A guy with no hands, suddenly gets an errection. "Mum!, I need Help!"

- A blind man walks into a fish Market and says "Good morning Ladies!"

- It's Pitch Black and someone suddenly starts to give you head. It's the best Blowjob you've ever had. Then Suddenly your girlfriend turns on the light, You look down and find it is a Guy.
Do you let him keep going?

- If your best-friend Dies, Next Resort use the Electric Tooth-brush.


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