First Taste of own Cum  

Some_Random_Dude 28M
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7/4/2006 3:44 am
First Taste of own Cum

One night i was in my room jacking off and i was thinking why girls thought my cum tasted so nice and some other girls would not even try my cum from their bad experience.
Since i was in this horny mood i was curious to find out what my own cum tasted so i put my legs onto my shelf above my bed and lift my ass off my bed so that my cock was just above my mouth.
The sensation of this position and the curiousity of me wanting to make me cum made the session so intense with pleasureable feelings.
When i could feel myself almost to cum, i open my mouth to allow the cum to squirt into my mouth.
When i burst my load, i could feel my hot warm cum squirt right into my mouth and it tasted sweet, i thought it wasn't bad, wasn't the worse taste i've ever had.
From this experience i would not mind licking my own cum off a chick.

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