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8/5/2005 11:17 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

why this site sucks

this is the third time i've joined this site, and the third time wishing i hadn't spent the money on it.why? because it's impossible to meet somebody, and i doubt i'm the only one, or that it has something to do to me.

this time around i figured i'd go all out, have a "dick pic" and everything, but the same thing happens: the first person to message me is a man with no picture offfering a blowjob. sad thing is i remembered his name from the two times i joined. no thanks.

so then, i send a few messages to a few girls that seem interesting...two responded: one ends up being a fake account, and the other one seemed interested but when i made an attempt to talk to her (online but off freindfinder), she didn't seem interested at all...not responding to the e-mail she was "looking VERY foward to getting" the other girls didn't even respond to my messages here...the girls that in their profiles say they "want it so rough and hard and no strings blahblahblah dirty talk i'm not picky message me now please" don't respond? i'm not annoyed that they're not interested in me, but i just don't like it when people lie.

another thing is how i notice if you want to be able to use the features on this site that should be available to anyone who pays over a dollar, you have to spend your entire paycheck. standard members can't do anything...so you have to buy at least a silver membership. silver means that nobody is going to see my page besides the guy that always wants to give me a blowjob. whatever. i figured i'd get it and message people. no, then i have to spend the same price to contact standard members, which seem to be the only profiles that come up after a search. and, like i said..either they say they're interested and change their mind, or i won't hear from them, or they'll send me links to porn sites they're promoting.

i can keep going on but there's no point to this besides i'd better turn off the "auto renew" option OFF, because i'd rather use the money for groceries. nobody is going to see this. nobody wants to see my dick, either.

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