The right mood and setting...  

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1/3/2006 9:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The right mood and setting...

Am I in the right place to blog a blog like this ? Of course NOT !

While this site stated it clearly itself as "The World's Largest Sex and Swinger Personal Site", then I shalll have no complaint at all regarding myself being in the wrong place.

But, is it really a wrong place ?

I do think about sex all the time, but swinger ? I am not qualify to have a say. So at least I considered myself at least 50% fit for the subject (if not the purpose).

What to pick up a free sex-to-go experience ? Hey, get a life pal!

No offence, I only speak for myself.

I started to blog here because I have something to say about sex, and I wanted to express myself (with or without audiance).

Up to this very moment, I have a lot (sex related stuff) stucked in my mind, but, it takes time. Sorry if this disappointed you. It has to be in the right mood and the right setting, even just to tell my story, same as sex.

For those who didn't care, I didn't force you to read my blog. For those who want to push it a bit further, file a complaint to the site owner and have my account banned.

But if, just if there is anyone who read this at all, thank you.

I am still waiting for the right setting to have my own story told. I am more eager to have it blogged, but I am not in a rush.

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