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1/28/2006 10:37 pm

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Miss F

She has been a legend to me.

Miss F was my long time discrete companion (sexual) for over a decade. When I first met her, she was only 17. I took her virginity, and has been the only man she had ever had sex with for ten years since she had first tasted the forbidden fruit. I owed my appreciation to her.

It happened also on one winter's night (I have always get this hunch that winter is a dangerous season for me).

We were in a public community facility (I was not allow to give the name of the place) near Causeway Bay. We were drinking (of course!) and in the middle of the night, I didn't know how, me and her were standing in the hallway outside one of the rooms, we began touching each other's body, just touching, without kissing or anything else. But we didn't do it that night, I thought it must be the alcohol, and she was only curious about a man's body.

It was the following night, we met again. This time after drinking and eating and spent half the night out with a bunch of friends, it ended up there's only me and her left. Sort of like we both knew there was some unfinished business going on the night before, we simply walked ourselves toward a hotel.

After we were in the room, we ordered some beer and a bucket of ice. That was the game we (our gang) played; everyone takes turn to put the ice into another person's underclothings (under the underwear), usually we played some game and make this a call for the winner (to select who to ice). But with the gang, we were not going to far with the girls, while the girls can choose to put ice into the man's underpant, the girls usually only got iced into their bras.

There, we played this game and since there's the only two of us, and we were locked behind a hotel room door. There's no reason not to go further...

There, that night, I took her virginity, and since then, she has become one of the most appreciated (and had been one of my longest term, greatest sex experience) sex partner in my life.

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