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From Dust, Till Dawn

Speaking of Dust Till Dawn... that was about 5 years ago...

That was a midnight in winter, I was there to meet Miss F - a long time companion with a discrete relationship.

We parked ourselves at the third table from the right side of the entrance, facing the stage (where the band played). She was wearing a skirt and overcoat... a style that's "fashion-safe", not trendy, nothing different from any regular lady would wear on a winter day.

There was something between us, a little secret that no one else would have noticed, that she would always, always left her private parts un-covered. Which means, most of the time she was not wearing a panty, or wearing a piece of undergarment with convenient access. That's our secret, and she knew it very well that this is one key trick to keep me aroused whenever I met her. She's done it a success to plant that into my mind.

From what I could see (from her outlook) that night, she's wearing pantyhose and a pair of boots. So I thought she was wearing stockings (not pantyhose) with no panty, that's her regular dress code to me. And since we were at Dust Till Dawn I'd rather focus myself on the live music (and we could always save the fun part later!), she took my hand to rest on her waist... I noticed something different.

From my hand feel I knew that was no stockings, it was body stockings instead. At that moment I couldn't resist myself to shift my focus onto her body instead of the music. So I let my hand travelled on her body outside of her skirt under the overcoat, to feel her body lines wrapped under the bodystocking.... it's an open-c---ch bodystocking!

She knew it. She knew I was captured by her at that moment, her hand was already on my private part rubbing gently before I could have noticed. with the table as our cover, we were touching each others with our hands rubbing each other outside of our clothings, while our imaginations running wild. That was sexy.

Suddenly, she moved my hand away from her. It seemed like she'd dropped something on the floor, she went underneath the table to pick it up... right there... she was giving me her head...

She knew it too, her oral giving was one of the best I had ever received, and it always work (and I still missed)... fortunately I came back to my senses and pulled her out from underneath the table before anyone could have noticed (or maybe they'd noticed but simply didn't care to interrupt us)...

... we left the scene with my mind totally captured by her with no room left for the good live music Dust Till Dawn had to offer.

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