Christmas Eve 2005  

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1/10/2006 7:34 am

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Christmas Eve 2005

The last time hanging out was Christmas Eve 2005 - not really out for partying or anything, not in the mood and not in my plan.

Was there only because after attending the midnight mass in the Wanchai area, thought that it was Christmas afterall, and since I'd been absensed from the Wanchai night scene for quite some time (the last time I was around should be in October 2005 as I recalled), no harm sticked around and had a drink.

The scene was not impressing at all, and the atmosphere didn't resemble anything close to a regular weekend evening a few years back then.

I was neither disappointed nor impressed, since I had no expectation at all. It was my own choice to stick around so I am not complaining, I simply let myself drift around, consumed my beer and be a silent observent.

Made a final stop at Dust Till Dawn when dawn arrived. I left the neighbourhood passing by the workers busy cleaning up the street, and prep for the Christmas Day crowd... an early goodbye to the year 2005 Wanchai, cause I knew that's enough and I didn't plan to go out on New Year's Eve... but I will be back!

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