[ Prologue ] It's Christmas Season, and a new year is on its way...  

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12/29/2005 10:49 am

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[ Prologue ] It's Christmas Season, and a new year is on its way...

I still couldn't find the right mood and setting to really get this blog going. May be some warming up would help.

Unfortunately, even though this is (was) Christmas time, while a lots of others were having fun and all planning the big event of the year – going to parties and getting laid, eventually – I was not up to anything even close to it.

But one question always in my mind: Are you really having fun at all ? I mean, it's not just about Christmas. What I mean is that going out, getting wild, having sex (maybe, but usually as the night dies out we tend to have more drinks and getting even higher and end up going home alone), so does partying, drinking, getting high and wild and even sex really do make a difference ? or simply one way to escape ?

I don't know about others, but I always feel bad, and most of the time even guilt afterwards.

This is one question I always have, and that's one of the main reason why I like to start a blog on this topic in the first place.

Let alone the setting of this blog (I've considered the approach, style of writing, language, tone and more), I had problem getting it started and that's why it took me so long to really begin writing.

So finally I have realized that although this place is not really an appropriate one for a blog of this kind, who cares ? I am always what I am so I simply let it flows.

I am blogging it not to impress, or not even anticipating readers at all. It is my habbit to write things down so that I can face myself and deal with the subject in more detail considerations (if there is something I wished to hide, a.k.a. I couldn't face myself, I will try to forget them, not to mention writing it down). In addition, blogging, unlike writings in my own secret diary, it's being published. I am not worry about disclosing my darkest self to the public, since we all have a virtual identity on the net. But it helps to remind me to think twice and be responsible of what I am going to do in real life situations, because I will have them recorded here, and most important at all, I will need to deal with myself.

So hereinafter, I leave my traces, and add a new dimension to my virtual existence, in this new year 2006.

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