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10/5/2005 10:20 pm

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Sorry.. not more active here

I tend to divide my time between here and the Russian web. It's kinda ironic. I would much rather be real popular here in the land of American pussies..and dicks. But, I find I am becoming way more popular on some Russian blogs as an American commentator on political, social and cultural issues. I like both.. but the Russian sites are more vital than what I see and hear and read and know here.
No, that'a not quite right! I really like the sexy shit here.
so.... I took my Russian wife to get her car licensed and tagged. And we get to the clerk and she says,"so, you want to put the car in your and your daughter's name?".... yeah, guess how much fun the conversation was on the way home!!.. I just said it's dinner time, and I know a great restaurant over in Bradenton.. just over the Skyway Bridge... and, if you want to know where this is going, you'll have to read my earlier posts on the Skyway.. Now that you have recovered from reading that post.. what, you didn't go look it up?..Damn, I ain't gonna keep writing the same good shit over and over.. so, go read the earlier post and catch up...
Just over the bridge you get to the turn-around exit, and if you park there, you walk over the railings and go into the thick mangroves.. there'e a trail that winds through the mangroves fo a hundred yards and opens up to a little spit of beach that's a bird refuge kinda nowhere place.. it's another one of those cool places where noone can sneak up on you.
We get to the railing and I try to explain where we are going, and she just says "i am not going there w/ you", so, I said "where are you willing to go with me?" "I just want to be where I am not afraid." "Right here and now , you are more safe than anywhere else you've ever been".. and she sinks into my arms with a sigh that melted whatever was left of me"
She looked up at me and I was caught by the transparency of her eyes to ..Alyona. I just kissed her.. and, for the first time, I was not just the old-hippy-american rescuer.. I was just the man she trusted to let go..
I'm not going to make this detailed.. my own heart can't take it even now... I'm shocked I lived through it.
We only moved ten feet into the mangroves and when I slipped inside her, we both froze right there.. looking dead on into our eyes.. and didn't move except for the pulse of me inside her and her squeeze in answer and we just traded this until my slight moving and pulsing my dick and her answering squeeze and we kissed again, and I've seldom known how sweet this is when you both just let go of all the BS and come into you.
For the first time she didn't leap angrily out of bed and get dressed and leave... she locked her mouth and her pussy onto me and then pulled back to look into my eyes and say...

I swear I'm gonna try for this weekend.. and if it goes like my dream.. I'll finish the sweetness of this ..DREAM.
'Til then, the horny hippy signing off..FUCK!!!??

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10/6/2005 7:50 am

OH MY!!! I CAN'T wait to hear more!!!! TELL ME MORE!!!

And the previous post about the bridge was hot!! I'll have to try it sometime...


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