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7/11/2006 5:12 pm

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This is actually an answer to "Goddess Dawn" to her 7/5 post about "paying it forward".
This is something that's been a constant in my life since 1969 or so. I've always felt we are all just fellow "BOZOS" on this bus of life, and in some ways we are our 'brother's keepers'. If anyone asks me for a buck, I will give it as long as it's not my last one. But I will give a buck (or 5 or 10, if I can afford it) to someone who has not even asked me for it... just cause I saw they needed it.
I've never asked for it back, nor expected it... but it has always seemed to come back to me when I have needed it!!!
I truly believe in KARMA... we all make the world we want to live in.. and mine has always been one of giving when needed... and it's not just money... needs take many forms... a strong back, a lending hand, a quiet ear, and shoulder to cry on...
Whenever someone has wanted to pay me for my help, I always say, 'just pass it on later'. I can have no way of knowing if this has ever been done, and I have no need to know... but my gut instincts tell me that most of these things have been passed on.
When you show kindness and generosity, with no expectation of reward, this becomes a life lesson to those for whom you do these things. maybe they learn something of value... we can never know how these things play out... it's not important.
'Goddess' asks if it is selfish to do good and right things for youself. I say it is only your right heart and mind doing what is natural for you... that the recipient is yourself is irrelevant... it has indeed been 'passed forward'!!!
KARMA FLOWS BOTH WAYS... if you're an asshole to someone... it WILL bite you in the ASS!!!
So all I say is do what's in your heart.. it will all come back to you.. one way or another.

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7/15/2006 1:53 am

So true.

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