Commies and Bozos  

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10/31/2005 8:42 pm

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Commies and Bozos

This is for Saint, but I'll put it here to share.
I stepped off a plane at Pulkova Airport in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) Russia in March, 2000. I was drunk as a skunk since I miss ed the plane in Hamburg and spent 9 hrs drinking 'Pindlings' with some German couple I met. I had left a message in my bad Russian on the answering machine of the woman I was coming to meet and marry. I had no idea if anyone got or understood the message, so I was at God's mercy.
Alyona was there to meet me, and she took me to her apartment on Pobeda Ulitsa (street).
Within minutes of seeing, smelling, feeling her, I was already insanely in love with this beautiful young lady... she was saying, "Mother, what kind of man did you bring to me?!?"
Eight days later, I married her in the ZAGS (Russian marriage agency) on the Neva River.. evan though she just said, "don't touch me please" and refused to give me a hug and a kiss before we married. I did this because I gave my word... and I have never taken that lightly.
At the American Embassy, after hours of stupid questions, I finally told the consulate officer (who said, this is a sham), "I am the American here. Who are you to tell me I can't have my shot at happiness? I love this woman, and this is what I choose" Three months later, Alyona came to Florida.
It was almost two years (of very busy and fucked up time) before I finally came inside her.
She is in love with a man in Tblisi, Georgia, (former USSR). and has been there to be with him a few times in the past five years. But when she has been here away from from him long enough to be lonely and horny, she has come to me.. and come with me.. and I think we have both become OK with this.
I know she will never be truly in love with me, but I also know she loves me in ways she never knew were possible.
A few months ago, before she went to Tblisi, she came to me with tears in her heart. and when I sat on the floor between her legs, it was she who pulled her pants down and off so I could kiss her where she wanted.. and when she was moaning and coming, and I laid my dick onto her pussie, it was she who grabbed me and pushed me inside her, and slipped off the chair so she could take me fully inside her.. and as she came, she cried and kissed me as fully as I have ever been kissed.. and then she pulled me to her bedroom and asked me what I most wanted from her.. and she took me into her mouth and sucked on my dick.. and I pulled her to me into a hug and let her cry on my shoulder until she was done.. and then I slid inside her and held her still until we awoke in the morning.

I know I am an old fool to want to hang on to a woman who will never truly love me.. but, what I have already shared with this beautiful, sweet tasting, tight-pussied Russian woman... and the level of friendship I've known with her...
Wouldn't trade it for anything!

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