You got it going on...just not with me...  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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1/8/2006 9:47 pm

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4/29/2006 9:06 am

You got it going on...just not with me...

That LOOK. That confidence. That got it going on..Just..not...with me..
Recently I met a guy.. (aside: ladies, I have wheels so..I get around)..who was so..GORGEOUS.Eye popping candy.The everlasting gobstopper kind of guy. YouknowwhatImean?? Wuwu gorgeous,you know. Those abs.Those eyes. That smile.(sigh) His dic would probably be just devine...Until he opened his mofo mouth and spoke to me in a condescending manner..wha?I stared at this fool blankly. I was peeved.Another male who has this "I got it going on" personality. PLEASE! I, needless to say, was not impressed. Firstly, "Mr. know- it- all" was set in his ways. Clearly incapable of any sort of change.You know, SAME underwear BRAND,different day, different pair for every day of the week(hopefully) type of guy.He loves submissive women...those who don't answer back or are just planet evicted...Just spread your legs wide and let me fuck you so I can get off type of guy.Extremely egotistical individual,ain't he? Soo..anyway..the chit rambled on about what he thought he knew for about an hour . I don't know why the heck I listened to him;I should have slugged him.I decided to be extremely sweet to him and reel him in for the kill. I revealed a part of myself that was appealing to all men. I gave him the lines he was looking for. He was hooked. and yet, I decided to sink him the next day.Why? You might ask? Because he dissed women and he displayed utter chaos in a world that continues to evolve, no matter what. He gave me a f'in headache. I hadn't had a f'in headache for many months. And, he gave me one. (I swear..if this guy calls me one more time..)Anyway..
Never be comfortable with what you already know. You could be wrong... and then what?(anybody got a pie?)
Great men come in all colors and disguises.I am just trying to weed them out...without getting an f'in headache!

noirfemme 44F

1/8/2006 10:58 pm

The weed out process is unbearable at times. Hang in there girl!

SoftcaramelT 52F

4/16/2006 9:29 am

You Know..I just discovered that the sanitation man"Angel" began to write blogs! wow..Iamada7aka "Angel" a complete a-hole. He is the traditional "macho man" character. Mr. Know it all said that I am on here daily and that I am unemployed. Right!If you only knew,you a-hole. He is a mind reader as well. Have more conversations with God,dear. Ladies..his DICK is bigger than his brain. Nice to know Angel, that you still want this pussy. Excuse me, yearn for this pussy,byotch.Wank off!!..

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