The"ok" text message..or the dreaded one worded response  

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1/13/2006 4:22 pm

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The"ok" text message..or the dreaded one worded response

Most men on this site that I have reached out to or have contacted me,have that special gadget (besides a dick)that they use to reach out and socially communicate in this period of time called the Millennium. It is called the cell phone.Cell phones are not being just used to make a call..NOOOOOO!!!Text messaging is the style..and frankly..It is driving me crazy.OK,somewhat. I admit that there are times when I just don't want to be bothered.(When I am fucking,cooking, or taking a bath/shower..I know you wanted to know)Especially when I spend TIME texting a long message and the response is..ok.Or,Yup.Or k.Or ?. Or yes. Or No.
I put the phone down,raise my right eyebrow and blink furiously.Infuriating,ain't it.What is the use? I find this form of response communication unacceptable.
My solution...Quick Notes. The more you have,the more words you use, the more pussy(or dick) you just might get. Gotta go. My phone is ringing..Another text message. It says.."Hi!"..Aaaarrrrggghhhh!

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1/13/2006 4:43 pm

i prefer to write a letter

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1/13/2006 5:15 pm


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