"YOU must really think I want DRAMA!  

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3/7/2006 9:35 pm

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3/12/2006 6:53 pm

"YOU must really think I want DRAMA!

Oh. Hell no. firstly..the couples on this website are under the impression that I want to be with BOTH of them. Hell no!. I do not mess with couples. PERIOD. Ya'll got ISSUES. We want ta be together..BUT..to make our relationship better or to spice it up..WE need someone else. (scratch on the record..)Wha?!. I say this to you both..GET COUNSELING.NEXT subject. I have been accused of "gassing up" some of the men. TO YOU..the guy in the Bronx who has nothing but DRAMA..Happy Belated Birthday,by the way..{YOU wanted pussy for your birthday..hah..you should have called,silly}..(you took custody of your kid from the baby's mama..why can't SHE watch him so you can have..FUN?..CHOICES.Deal with your choice. YOU gave her the opportunity to PARTY!)I am NOT leaving my home to travel to your sorry ass,way up in da Bronx, in the dead of night,to fuck you while your kid is asleep!..AH..hell no....DRAMA!YOU are not ready for a relationship..sexual or otherwise. Ask ya homeboy for some..he cums over often enough....
I met an executive on here. MORE DRAMA! He called me tonight to meet up with me. I'll call you back in 2 minutes. 2 minutes turned into 102 minutes..Then he called me back expecting me to come out AFTER 11 p.m. to PLAY with his dick.PLEASE! I would not have minded to be out at 11 p.m. ALREADY..but..are you kidding?..To you I say MEANWHATYOUSAYANDSAYWHATYOUMEAN...I can spot a PLAYER..{After you did your joy riding all night,you remembered me..thankyouverymuch!..I'm motherfuckinflattered!!}
I am not here to be DISrespected or to have my TIME wasted.I demand respect. If you don't give it,you don't get IT... Go find that submissive airhead who will bow down to your every wish. YOU are not royalty,honey, and I ain't impressed by the Lexus Jeep. (my eyebrow is raised 2 you)..???
What/Y is it that the guys on here can't make phone calls? Are you in jail?Did you run out of minutes?Is the ball and chain around and S/HE won't let you?...tsk tsk..Your loss..not mine.
Are there any men on here that are TRULY single and can hang out on evenings/ WEEKENDS?...let me know. I am not DESPERATE..just..horny. Also, if I have blocked you..I weeded you out..that's Y I am still on here.(wink..smile) PEACE

SoftcaramelT 52F

3/9/2006 7:01 am

More drama. Last night at 1 a.m. I got a text message from a guy on here who wants my punani. Where the heck have you been in the last 10 days?I deleted your number since I haven't HEARD from your sorry ass. PULEESE..don't send me any more dick pics..I am turned OFF by you.What's the matter, the punani you got in the meantime was not GOOD enough? ???

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