"Why you wanna go and do that..."  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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4/20/2006 10:33 pm
"Why you wanna go and do that..."

Y you gonna tell a n__ga NO with an Azz so phat....and why you wanna go and do that love huh,hey, and why you wanna go and do that love,huh ,hey...and do that and do that...

I must be on a TI trip...
I tol' many a n---ga NO, today. Yes..I gotta a AZZ.. so phat...but
since I caint have no dic..
even though some made my panties so wet..
I tol' a n--ga NO..

I wrote Part 5 of Kimmy's Suitor last night. I got a few votes..one was so so. That was a vote more likely from somebody who CAN'T mofo write. I have three fingers up.The middle one is YOURS. Yuck fu, mofo! Wanna reveal yourself? Please do.. so that I can reserve a spot in the RING with your eyeballs plasted on my left glove.NEXT!

Interesting day. Since it was warmer..I had to take off the layers..so..My azz was out. The ass-line pants wearers were peeping it..hard. I told them when they start wearing their pants on their waist...maybe??..maybe not.

My kid was buggin' me again..so I took her to Shea Stadium to the (ghetto)fair that they put up in the parking lot. After paying the parking fee and gate entrance fee($5 bucks/$5 bucks per person, we entered the park. I was immediately turned off. The porta potties were disgusting.I had to pee. Grinning and bearing..I got it over with and realized...these fair peeps HATE NYers.
They can't stand us. Thanks to those of you who are obnoxious and manner less...YOU fucked up shop..YES,you did.....

My kid LOVES rides..she's got it honest..I LOVE ridin' too...(wink)

I had to stand/sit by and watch her enjoy herself though. I spent about $80... but...to see her smile..priceless..

GAS...I cringe at the pumps...I am sure that there is a line somewhere in D.C...one for strangling you know who; one for...fill in the blank......

If I have NEVER thanked you before..THANKS for reading my blog and my erotic stories. PEACE

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