"The confrontation between a dove and a BITCH"  

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6/18/2006 7:58 pm

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"The confrontation between a dove and a BITCH"

It finally happened. Yep. Me, the dove...attractive,earthy,intelligent,delicate,and flighty..had a knock down, drag out, FIGHT with a BITCH in my apartment building.(ok, so I exaggerate a bit..ok alot..)As I have said before in a few blogs past, I am NOT attracted to WOE..MEN at all..I don't want to kiss 'em,eat 'em, or feel 'em up, in any sort of way.AND... If we got to share a mirror, then there will be a shoving match. The biggest gripe of 'em all is when they invade my motherfuckin' space.. YO!!baaabeee!!!..IT's ON.
My brother( I have three,no sisters..{so you know what my life has been like growing up with these pain in the asses})came over from Pa. He got the fuck out of NY last year. I am the only idiot left.My neighbors daughter saw him pull up in his 2006 Acura TL(yea,it's fully loaded with a navigation system and everything(it's black))and get out to come into my ghetto building. My brother is quite handsome. {For pete's sake...He's married..for life..wouldn't be caught dead on this website..I would have to kill him first before his wife did.. if he ever signed up..I would hang him...WITH my baad back and everything}Sorry for digressing. I guess the little bitch immediately got a crush on him. She followed him up stairs and watched him kiss me on my cheek and give me a hug. I KNOW I saw her roll her eyes while chewing that three day old gum.IGNORANT hoe. Lil' bitch did not KNOW that HE was my brother. Stoopid hoe! Anyway..LATER...as my brother was exiting the apartment door, somebody,probably lil' bitch, smeared pink gum all over the door(probably bubble yum,it was soft)..on the peephole, the door, the doorknob..It was NASTY. My mother went the fuck off. I went to clean the shit up, all the while suspecting lil' bitch from across the way.
I calmed my mother down and got her OUT of the apartment. It was water recouping time, so I went to BJ's to load up.Guess what? Everyone had the same idea because BJ's ain't had SHEET. No water,just some generic shit.....Yea, I brought the generic shit,ok. WATER is WATER. Some people don't know thaat. YOU can SMELL them a mile away...eeekkk!
Back at the ranch/apartment...The Big BITCH from across the way was a plottin'. Only IGNORANT women DO this. Me? I have better things to do with my time..like Keg el exercises. Anyway...
I had loaded up my shopping cart with the goods from the trunk of my car and wheeled it home.
LATER...when I got off the elevator I spied one urchin brat(this is a kid who was fucked for and is being dragged up)sitting on the floor, in front of my apartment door. I immediately told him to 'get up' and 'move.' HE reluctantly did so after my third request. Then all VERBAL hell broke loose. BIGBITCH from across the way, high from smokin' weed ALLMOTHERFUCKINDAY came out and gave me a vituperative run down on how I should not accuse her (ugly) brats of ANYTHING. GUILTY. She protested TOO MUCH. I OVER shouted her tirednastyrundowndegeneratenofrontteethIfuckformoneybyotch ASS!SHE MESSED with the WRONG person. IN belated shock, she retreated back into her weed infested apartment after I mentioned how much weed she SELLS on a daily basis to the dumb-asses in this neighborhood. ILLEGAL. PERIOD. Oh, yeah..SHESHUTTHEFUCKUP!!And QUICK...
Needless to say..I haven't heard a PEEP out of her
tirednastyrundowndegeneratenofrontteethIfuckformoneybyotch ASS..since....
This dove did not frey her wings, in any way, in the telling of this story...IT JUST MAKES ME STRONGER. I KNOW whose kingdom I dwell. She sure ain't in God's kingdom. Ok...so I lost my religion for 3 minutes...I regained it by reading Psalm 37. ..delight thyself in the lord..

I am just abiding my TIME in the wilderness. PEOPLE of BED STUY..There is an edible mulberry bush in Fulton Park.HUNGRY? Need sustenance? There is FREE fruit here in the stuy...free fruit. My mom just fucked this announcement up by mentioning the recent meningitis issue....that fruit is oh so.... sweet..its..orgasmic. PEACE

SoftcaramelT 52F

6/20/2006 9:01 pm

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