"The Big Bang"  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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6/13/2006 6:44 pm
"The Big Bang"

Thanks Busta for finally releasing that slammin' album.
" I love my nigga..I love my bitch"
I appreciate it... but NOT the wait. The late Rick James is on it, as well as Stevie Wonder and Q-tip. Bokeem Woodbine is heard on it too.. It should sell massively..
"Touch it bring it babe..."
Although I am leery of 25 year old men..I met an impressive, intelligent one on here today. I even went to SEE him.
I found out from this intelligent 25 year old that MOST women these days are bisexual because the MEN of today do not treat the women the way they want to be treated nope.....Women want to be treated with tenderness and respect. The women want to be pampered and spoiled. Brothas..it ain't happening. U tell me Y!!
I didn't DO anything to you!!YOU made the choice to be ever so...CONFUSED....
Sooooo. The bisexual women get other women to pamper and spoil them. Sorry. I can't lick the pussy..my tongue is just too...SHORT.
Alas..bisexuality at its best. SIGH. What is this world coming to?
Seems like it's time to buy some more sex toys...and be UNIsexual.
Yes. I change my profile..AGAIN. I chose to add 2 men as a couple because if it doesn't work out between us as one, then I ask your friend...not to join us but to..take over..where your sorry ass made a booboo..(wink)(SH)It happens. PEACE

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