"Remy Martin,Part 2"  

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5/5/2006 5:37 am

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"Remy Martin,Part 2"

I am conceited..I got a reason..
I look way too good to be rockin this...
I look way too good to be with YOU..
I'm conceited, I got a reason...

Gee..the last few days have been interesting. I spoke to 2 new men for possible playtime and unfortunately, I was not really pleased by the feedback from either.

The first guy is a PLAYER. No emotions..thuggish.I don't have time to hang out with the Brooklyn thug. Too many women..so lil time.
The second guy..was ATTACHED. He lied on his profile. He's living with his woman and is actively cheating on her..which disgusts me. I want no part of that situation. This guy's ego is incredible. He is also quite manipulative in his thinking.I don't do hotels..sooo...STEP!
I have had to dish several guys because they insist on going to a hotel. I hate NY hotels. I don't wanna catch nuttin'.....
So..I am conceited...I got a reason...
I am truly SINGLE with NO DRAMA!!I am not out there to have some jealous woman stab me in the back...while in the throes of passion...I want to live!!!I have a responsibility to my little girl...If I were to meet my demise because YOU want to get some pussy outside of your tight relationship...puleeeeese!This behavior is DISrespectful to all women. I believe it is an actual sign that this type of man HATES all women. Why would you do that? CHOICES.
I was asked by the player if I was gay because of the colorful plastic bands that I wear...the bands say COURAGE and I LOVE JESUS on them. GAY? NOPE. NEVER. I am in love with penetration with a drama free, intelligent man!Is that too much to ask for? I am not into risky business.;/ That is for criminals.The hunt for drama free "dick" continues.
The weekend is again among us. Hmmmmmm. Will I get some?......

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