"Now..what have I been saying all along?''  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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5/19/2006 9:14 pm
"Now..what have I been saying all along?''

I told the guys on AdultFriendFinder that I don't get involved with men who are in serious relationships. Guess what? I got a call from a jealous girlfriend today who just happened to have swiped the cell phone of her BOYfriend. And whose number appeared?..Your good at this..yes,mine. Soooo..curious "georgegel" called me and inquired if I knew her BOYfriend. I had to display my interrogation techniques on her to find out if I KNEW him. Turns out that I may have spoken to him in the past,but...NOTHING came of it.Sooo. Y didn't he delete my number? Dunno. The clincher..I don't date SHORT men. This guy was 5'2. I am 5'7. I don't date guys thaaat short.I can't stand a man who looks into my chest. I am intimiDATING already,so...
I also don't go out with guys who are just plain..liars. I can catch you in a lie...quick. Apparently,J(his so called name) was SMART enough to leave his cell phone around so that his JEALOUS backstabbing girlfriend can find it. If you place me at risk of being stabbed or killed by your step-ford wife girlFRIEND, then I don't have any respect for you. NONE...nada.Watch YOUR back.
What a weatherful day we had,huh? I played musical chairs with my laundry today. every time I was about to head out the door to do the laundry,it would begin to rain. Sheet. I got so tired. Dragging those dayum bags back and forth was dRAINing me. God is tellin' us somethin' fo' sure. Uh,Can you tell me what he is sayin'? I can't hear him with all the noise in NY. QUIET!..That's better.Yes,lord. I am about to come OUT of the wilderness.......PEACE

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