"How many times do I need to hear..."  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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4/19/2006 9:52 pm
"How many times do I need to hear..."

Do you have any pussy pics?..Aw, come on. I do not need to post pics of my pussy on this website. If I agree to meet you, and YOU make me WET..You'll get to see the pussy in the flesh..not in pictures. I might just let you digicam a few stills..if you are NICE!
Well..I have to pass on the dick until next week. Gotta clean myself out..so to speak.(wink)
I posted Kimmy's suitor..Part 5. I also plan to write a story about a threesome..a woman and two men...watch the mag skies...
If I gave you my number..call me..If I didn't..I had a reason....(wink)lol.

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