"Haaapeee Birthday!!  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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5/11/2006 9:34 pm

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5/13/2006 9:53 am

"Haaapeee Birthday!!

To one of my creators..my MOM! She is the young age of 67 today. Since my 3 brothers live in other states, I am the one to get the cake and ice cream together for our celebration. I then text their phones with pics of the cake. How the heck am I supposed to send them a piece of cake?One is in Fla.One is in SC. One is in Pa. The closest one in Pa. can't even get to Crooklyn anymore..soooo....Can you blame him?
I wanted to try a different cake this year..so I went to Max..wells on Atl. Ave. BIG MIStake. The cakes were not worth the effort for me. The peeps workin' the counters were so busy(there were NO people in the place) that they did not even stop to acknowledge me or my daughter in our inquiries about the cakes. Yep. You guessed it, Soft walked...and drove the fuck away. Heck..They did NOT need my money...This seems to be happening to me all week.
I went into a Golden K-rust in the stuy yesterday. I stood on line for a Jamaican pa-ttie.In comes a dickwad who had the audacity to order from BEHIND me. Rudeboy even got served before I was by the byotch behind the counter(I could have told her about the bad weave on her head but I elected not to). So..when the male clerk behind the counter recognized that I was there first, and tried to correct rathead, I told him rather abruptly that"You don't need my money!" Of course..I walked out. No Jamaicunpaattie for me.
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired of the lack of respect that people have for one another in and around this town?city. The rudeness, the ignorance is really getting to me. I think it is time to blow this f'in town and not look the fuck back.
I was in Popeye's downtown, getting some red beans and rice for my daughter, when I saw two chicks act absolutely ignorant towards me and my kid. Instead of saying excuse me,because my butt(ok...which is quite large and picturesque) was blocking their entrance to a table; they just shoved past me, and sat their weave wearing asses down. RUDE, OBNOXIOUS, IGNORANT, STINK ass bitches!I can't stand 'em. Deodorant is 2 for a dollar at the Family dollar. What the fuck....
I was about to ask them for their names so that I can sue them in court for the 'pain and suffering' they caused to my nose and to my eyesight. Blurred vision ain't no joke..the steam from the funk just rose and caused my eyes to tear. AND some of you men LIKE that shit!STAY the fuck away from me!!Puleeeese..
I finally told that guy, who said he lived with his boy(but actually lived with his girlFRIEND ) that I knew that he LIED to me..and that he should STOP calling.The phone has not rung since I ragged on him..Thank Goodness..
The friend that revealed the info. to me about him..well..I also had to give him the boot too. His laughter turned me the fuck off. I hope to NEVER hear from either one of them again.Good riddance.
Now..to my new lover..I know the game..I play it well too..so .."WATCHYABACK"..I might score before you do..... PEACE

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5/11/2006 10:17 pm

Sorry you got so dissed all wweek, but Happy B'day to your Mom.. It's my wife's B'day too...
I just drove to Houston & back and didn't hear any rude/crude words between people anywhere south of North Carolina... But both down & back up, the shit started as soon as I hit the Va/DC area and got worse the farther north I went... NY just seems to get more hostile every year... It must be the cold... People pushin' & shovin' - like they own the Earth... Down South, life is slower & easier.. No need to be bitchy...
Next time, tell the dickheads what you think... just be sure they're not carryin'...

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