"Concerned surveillance"  

SoftcaramelT 52F
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5/24/2006 5:44 am

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5/29/2006 10:05 am

"Concerned surveillance"

is what I would call what I have growing through the last couple of days. One of my friends just up and disappeared on me. I enjoyed our conversations and the last I had heard from him was last week. I even went over to his home to find him and was told that he no longer lived there. Wow! So..I guess he relocated. Hopefully, I hear from him because his friendship is important to me. So..if YOU are reading this blog, I am giving you a shout out to contact me to let me know you are okay.
Valued friendships are important to me.
I had the opportunity to chat with a few new friends from this site. I have yet to meet them. Ok. I have to admit that there are some responsible,intelligent brothas out there. Much respect to the ones who are the single fathers that ARE doing their thing.
I have been having a run in with a young man who lives in my building. I see him OUT there daily pushing his weed and running the streets. His skin is atrocious, though. YOU are a product of what you permit. I see the potential in him to BE somebody. SAD. His choices thus far are quite poor. Okay..so I have threatened to BEAT his ass. He needs discipline. The ass-whipping would just make him wakethefuckup. I gave my youngest brother several ass whippings growing up..He's got 2 master's degrees so..maybe the shoe throwing worked,huh?What? No. I never missed.He just failed to...duck.
Since my main lover left to return to work...in another state..I have been growing kinda hungry to have something filled..knowwhatImean? I hope I can hold out for a few..or the individual I choose to have FUN with...will be IN deep WET trouble.
Do I watch American Idol? Yep. Who would I vote for? The George Clooney lookin' guy..Taylor Hicks. He brings back fond memories of Joe Cocker and that cool music of the late 70's and 80's. The girl...well..give her a record deal or sign her up to be in a Broadway rendition of the 'Wizard of Oz.' ..somewhere over the rain..
blow(me) way up high PEACE

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5/25/2006 1:53 pm


LimnsLividBairn 51M
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5/28/2006 9:58 pm

SoftcaramelT you say you need of some fullfilment happy to obliged any of your request.(lol). Still glad to hear that you have not lost total faith in NYC brother's, you are right there are some of us who are about our business 24/7 and don't shun our responsibilities but rather embrace them. Cause as it says if it don't kill you it will only make you stronger. But its all good just knowing that there (a) some true sisters on this site that are capable of keeping it real. Unquestionably if the "brother" is lucky enough to be invited into the inner circle the rewards surely must be tremendous. There is nothing more stimulating than brains and beauty. Damn, 36c's my mouth is watering just fhinking about the rest of the package. Chaka Khan's "Sweet Thing" comes to mind. That in the pocket type of groove, candlelights and.......
And now for the young cats on the corner thinking that gonna be young forever, tha ones that rage against the machine and everyone else for that matter WAKE THE FCUK UP!!!! It's 2006 and we got basically babies killing babies. I ask mine everyday "What's gonna be your legacy?" are you here in the world to make an impact or is your footprints like sand on the water's edge just waiting to be washed away by the next incoming wave. And like Jehovah's sunrise each morning you know that wave is coming. I tell him you cann't stop it, fight it or overpower it, but what you can do, is put all of your energies into figuring out what type of IMPACT your footprints are going to MAKE before time washes away any trace.

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